Best Budget-Friendly, Satisfactory Smartphones 2020 Gave Us

2020 was a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs in both human and technological aspects. While we saw the fall of many mortals, we also witnessed the rise of technology in general. The year forced humans to step out of their comfort zone and embrace technology, as more and more businesses, educational institutes, work, and … Read more

One Plus Reveals a Jaw Dropping Feature of the One Plus 8T

One Plus 8T’s confirmation on the brand new back panel design has managed to break the internet with its advent. The android tech giant revealed its unique technology infused back panel for One Plus 8T, one with reactive sensing technology.  This basically will give users hands-free control over their mobile devices. The panel utilizes the … Read more

Telegram Plans to Monetize its App and Brings Out a Ton Of New Features

Telegram has been renowned for its groups and channels that provide quick, well-researched information in no time. However, it was also very well known that the app did not have any commercialization deployed of any sorts, making it one of the apps that were absolutely free.  Groups did not get paid for being created into … Read more

One Plus Smartwatch and One Plus Nord SE Launch Dates Confirmed

Smartwatches are quite the trend right now, and more and more tech giants are coming up with newer models integrated with advanced technology. One Plus has recently declared that it will be unveiling its smartwatch sometime early next year and has also hinted at the possibilities of a Nord SE on or around the same … Read more