Xiaomi Might Surprise The Masses With A Foldable Smartphone Launch in 2021

Bringing back the trend of foldable smartphones is all that tech giants can think about presently. With so many rumors up in the air, along with one that allegedly claims that even Apple is planning to release a foldable smartphone this 2021, we can only expect that other competitors won’t be far behind to achieve the same. 

This week, news is afloat that Xiaomi might be the first company to release not one but three foldable smartphones. CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants took to Twitter to confirm that Xiaomi foldable smartphones were in the making, and can be released as early as next year itself. 

According to the tweet, Ross hinted at the fact that Xiaomi might be the first tech giant to release a foldable smartphone next year in the market. Three designs are in the talks, one inward folding, one outward folding, and the other one being a clamshell model. 

Albeit there’s no news as to which one of these models will hit the stores first, but it’s for certain that Xiaomi is bent on surprising the public with its foldable smartphone debut. A report surfaced on the internet earlier this month stating that Xiami has placed an order for display screens aka foldable OLED panels from Samsung Display and LG Display. 

Although it doesn’t quite confirm the jaw-dropping release, it does weigh in on it. We’re presuming that these orders are specifically for clamshell type phones.

Samsung has already entered the foldable phone competition with its launch of Galaxy Z Fold 2 which retails at Rs. 1,49,999. Now, its successor is rumored to be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (we don’t know if this is going to be the official name yet), another foldable smartphone to hit the market. 

However, there’s news that this might have a smaller display than its predecessor, a meager 0.04 decrease. The upcoming one, according to Young’s claim is supposed to have a screen display size of 7.55 inches as opposed to its predecessor’s 7.59 inches. 

Moreover, the top display size might be shrunk to 6.21 inches. Compared to the predecessor that had a display screen size of 6.23 inches, the upcoming one is said to be shrunk by 0.02 inches. As per Young’s claims, the new adjustments are done so as to incorporate the Galaxy S Pen support.

Another claim from Young states that the upcoming Galaxy series will support a 120 Hz refresh rate, something that even Apple hasn’t introduced into its newest series yet. 

This might make it the haul of the year, given that it will be foldable, have an S Pen support, and also the latest refresh rate to make animations and gaming experience better. 

According to reports, Samsung is supposed to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Fold Lite foldable smartphones in 2021. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 is supposed to flaunt a 6.7-inch internal screen and a 3-inch external screen. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is supposed to have a 7-inch range internal screen and a 4-inch range external screen, while the Galaxy Z Fold Lite will also have similar display dimensions for both external and internal screens.