What snake has a sharp tail?

What snake has a sharp tail?

The sharp-tailed snake or sharptail snake (Contia tenuis) is a small species of snake in the family Colubridae. The species is endemic to the Western United States and British Columbia....

Sharp-tailed snake
Genus: Contia
Species: C. tenuis
Binomial name
Contia tenuis (Baird & Girard,1852)

What do sharp-tailed snakes eat?

Although insects and earthworms may occasionally appear on the menu, small slugs are most likely the favourite food of the Sharp-tailed Snake. Long, recurved teeth may help these snakes grip and eat their slippery prey.

What do California sharp tailed snakes eat?

Slugs are the majority of their diet, although they can also eat slug eggs and slender salamanders.

Are there snakes on Pender Island?

There is one population on each of Saltspring, North Pender, South Pender, and Galiano Islands. The larger populations contain several clusters of records. The snakes inhabit relatively open-canopy woodlands dominated by Douglas-fir, Arbutus, and/or Garry Oak within the Coastal Douglas-fir Biogeoclimatic Zone.

Is Galiano Island safe?

While no one will officially recommend hitch-hiking, Galiano is a very safe, friendly island, and islanders may stop and pick-up people needing a ride. Waits can be 15 minutes to 1/2 hour depending on day and location.

What wildlife is on Galiano Island?

Wildlife Viewing and Kayaking on Galiano Island Over the two days I spent on Galiano recently, I saw a whale, bald eagles, deer, frogs, a raccoon, hummingbirds and even a mouse (on a trail). A prime spot for seeing whales and eagles is in Active Pass, on the southeast part of the island.05-Jun-2017

Are there bears on Galiano Island?

There are no dangers on Galiano in terms of wildlife (no bears or cougars) but roadways are narrow with no shoulders, so bicyclists and hikers need to take care.

What is Galiano Island known for?

Ancient Forests, Rocky Heights, Sandstone & Pebble Beaches and Stunning Views are all waiting for you to explore on Galiano. From boating to hiking, kayaking to mopeding, festivals to whale watching, art shows to golf and fishing to fiestas, Galiano offers a wide range of experiences for our Island Guests to enjoy.