Telegram Plans to Monetize its App and Brings Out a Ton Of New Features

Telegram has been renowned for its groups and channels that provide quick, well-researched information in no time. However, it was also very well known that the app did not have any commercialization deployed of any sorts, making it one of the apps that were absolutely free. 

Groups did not get paid for being created into one, and neither did channels have any kind of monetization program to get the admins paid either. Nonetheless, people have been clinging to this app like bees to a hive for its convenience and amazing features. 

Things only got better when Telegram recently announced that it is planning to add new features and monetization programs into its app in the near future.

Better UI Design, Newer Animations, Voice Chat Feature and Much More

With Telegram hitting 500 million users globally, it decided to introduce a ton of new features and widgets to enhance the app overall. First things first, it introduced the voice chat feature where members of a group can together join a voice chat. 

They can even scroll through messages, text other people, post screenshots, and so forth while being on the call and in the app. Moreover, if they do wish to minimize the app, they can do so as a widget appears that shows who’s speaking and who’s not. 

This feature, by far, has only been rolled out for Android users and not iOS. We’re hoping they’d bring similar enhancements for iOS users as well. However, for Telegram Desktop and Telegram macOS app, there is a feature of Push To Talk for the same. 

On top of it all. Android users can now shift their Telegram app data from internal memory to their external memory, viz. Micro SD cards. This helps a lot in freeing up space and making the app non-laggy in general. 

Moreover, Android users also have the added feature of better UI and extra animations that Telegram has recently released. Android users can now edit pictures that have already been sent, drawing stuff on them and slapping on some stickers as well. 

Meanwhile, iOS users can now edit the Telegram pictures sent by utilizing an in-app pen button to do so. Also, they can now appoint Siri to read their incoming Telegram messages out aloud. 

Monetization of Groups and Channels by Rolling Out Advertisements

The CEO of Telegram Company took to social media and announced the company’s two-fold plan to monetize the app. With the help of this, users can now avail of the premium Telegram app that will be specifically designed for business owners and other such people who wish to earn from it. However, this does not bring any difference in the already-in-use features of Telegram and people can enjoy the app and its features for free for however long they want, just like before. 

Although, if they do wish to avail the monetization benefits, they’d have to pay a premium or purchase it for the same.

Secondly, Telegram is planning to roll out the ad feature for groups and channels. Telegram groups and channels have been popular since time immemorial, some blasting out into full-fledged extensive communities. 

To cater to the same, they would allow monetization of groups and channels, meaning, the admins can now earn money by rolling out advertisements into their groups and channels. This is gonna be a huge step towards strategic business by Telegram, and we’re all waiting to see how exactly it would pan out in the future.