Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Series Is to Come With S Pen Support and More Powerful Chipset 

Right when we thought stylus pens were out of style, they are making a comeback in the tech giant Samsung’s brand new series of Galaxy S21. Samsung has been notorious for highlighting its feature of stylus pens through endorsements and advertisements, and it’s planning to keep up its reputation for the same. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is allegedly coming with an S pen support, as per the document on the Federal Communications Commission indicates. The mention has been made of the Samsung model numbered number SM-G998B, which has been assumed to be the Galaxy S21 Ultra series so far.

On top of it all, the Exynos 2100 SoC’s benchmark results made headlines today, proving that it is much more powerful and better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, the latter also being a new launch into the technological world and unsurpassable too. 

This has made the public raise their hopes even higher for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series altogether, as the Exynos chip is supposed to be integrated into the upcoming Samsung series. The leak was made by Android Authority, stating the alleged listing of the FCC of the same. 

The same report had mentions of the S Pen support, however, it hasn’t revealed the official name of the model or so yet so speculations are still in the air. 

The report leaked significant information about the Equipment Under Test or EUT, stating, “The EUT can also be used with a stylus pen (S Pen). The EUT operates with the S Pen in two different inductive coupling modes of S Pen motion detection (Hover and Click) operating in the range of 0.53-0.6MHz.” 

Samsung Mobile Chief TM Roh set rumors roaming when he stated that there are possibilities of Samsung expanding the S pen concept from the Galaxy Note series into its newest launch. However, word is around that even though the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra might support S Pen, it might not come with it in the retail box itself. 

Meaning, you might have to buy it separately if you really wish to use it. Additionally, there have been more spec leaks thanks to the US FCC listing, stating that the Samsung S21 Ultra series will have Wi-Fi connectivity, along with Ultra Wide Band support. 

Not only the US FCC, but the Samsung model number SM-G988B, the same that has also been mentioned above was also spotted at the support section of the Samsung Australia website. Even though this doesn’t confirm anything written on stone yet, it certainly set more speculations ablaze. 

With so many what-ifs and would be’s going around, the masses have set their eyes on the flagship model’s release that is right around the corner. It is expected that it would come with a better and more powerful processor and features and connectivity, providing tough competition to other popular tech giants such as One Plus, Apple and Google.