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To get started with your Credit Counseling or Debtor Education please select either the First Course or Second Course.

Allen Credit Counseling


The pre-filing credit counseling course is required before filing for bankruptcy. For Online: Part 1 is the online information session. Part 2 is a brief follow ...



Debtor Education. 2nd Course (Post Filing Pre-Discharge Course Requirement). Learn to Avoid Future Financial Problems. Register Now.

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FAQs | MyOnlineBankruptcyClass.com


Pre-Filing Credit Counseling - 1st Course. Q.) How much is the Credit Counseling Class? A.) For an individual filer the cost of the class is $24.00 and for ...

Complete your bankruptcy requirements the easy way


Do you offer fee discounts for individuals who can't afford the course? — The pre-filing credit counseling course takes approximately 60-90 minutes to ...

Bankruptcy Counseling and Debtor Education Disclosure


Pre-discharge Debtor Education – BAPCPA also requires bankruptcy filers to complete a course on Personal Financial Management after filing for bankruptcy ...

Bankruptcy Course 2 PreRegister. - Debt Management Program


Bankruptcy Credit Counseling, Debtor Education Course Online and over Phone. ... Credit Card Management Services, Inc., Dba Debthelper.com (CCMS) has over ...

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The Debtor Education session takes about 2 hours to complete. What Is The Difference Between The Credit Counseling Course And The Debtor Education Course?

Available Courses - Bankruptcy Certification | BKCert.com


Course 2: Debtor Education (After Filing Bankruptcy). After you file a bankruptcy case, and before your debts can be discharged, you must receive financial ...

Credit Counseling Integration | NextChapter


Bankruptcy Course for Debtors. We are partnered with DebtorCC, an online platform for bankruptcy filers to complete the first and second course under the ...

Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Courses - United ...


All individual bankrutpcy filers are required to complete pre-bankruptcy credit counseling and pre-discharge debtor education. These may not be provided at ...

List of Approved Providers of Personal Financial Management


$$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education · 21605 N. 39th Terrace Phoenix, AZ 85050 866-969-2533 www.BankruptcyDebtorEducation.com ; $$$$$$0$ BK Class, Inc. · 2711 E. Melrose ...Is there a standard curriculum for debtor education courses? Must an instructional course last at least two hours? May a debtor education provider seek approval ...

The Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Requirement in ... - Nolo


When you file for bankruptcy, you'll take two courses: a credit counseling course before you file, and a debt management course afterward.

Debtor Education Course Online or By Phone Now - Start ...


Must be completed after the Pre-Filing Credit Counseling and prior to discharge · 2 hours in length (required by law) ...

2nd Debtor Education Course - CC Advising


can provide no support or assistance for the 2nd Course as we do not offer it. You will need to create a brand new login account with whichever agency you ...

Post-Filing Debtor Education Course Registration - Access ...


The pre-discharge debtor education course takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete. The fee for Credit Counseling is $18.95 via the Internet delivery method ...

Ultimate Guide to Debtor Education, The Second Bankruptcy ...


The second course is required as part of your bankruptcy. The purpose of debtor education is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to take control of ...Debtor Education - 2nd Required Bankruptcy Course. Trusted by Top-Filing Bankruptcy Attorneys ... I NEED an account · I HAVE an account · Attorney Login ...

Abacus Credit Counseling - Sage Personal Finance


Start Second Bankruptcy Course ... This course is offered in partnership with Abacus Credit Counseling, and there are other courses that also fulfill this ...

Debtor Education Course - Bankruptcy Class - BKClass.com


Okay… after you've received your Bankruptcy Credit Counseling certificate and filed your bankruptcy documents with the court, it's time to take the second ...

Second Bankruptcy Course | Take the course now for only $20 ...


Second Bankruptcy Course provides you a fast and easy way to complete the post-filing debtor education course 24/7 for only $20. Start your course now.

Debtor Education Course | DebtorEdu.com


U.S. Trustee approved provider of the debtor education course for post-bankruptcy filers. Instant certificate for course takers and their attorneys.Leading Provider of Bankruptcy Courses ... First and second bankruptcy courses that are affordable, convenient and simple to complete. ... The Debtor Education ...