WRITING DETOURS| 10 stages of eating a Korean spicy noodle pack

1. Curiosity

What is the buzz all about? It’s just instant noodles. This fire noodle challenge in social media seems ridiculous. Really? This Samyang noodle brand is the spiciest in the world? What do you mean it has close to 9,000 Scoville heat units? What’s that like?

2. Giving in

Fine, I’ll buy one to try. It’s convenient that it is being sold online and in pop-up bazaars. This better give me joie de vivre.

3. Overconfidence

Oh please, I lit up my insides with the noodles that I ate in Thailand in 2013. This should be nothing.

4. Bruteness

I’m getting my money’s worth. These are some quality noodles–firm and holds the sauce well. I just had five forkfulls and I’m still fine. Totally fine. It’s spicy but it’s not so bad.

5. Resilience

I’m getting the heat now. But my milk is in the other side of the house. I’ll drink it later. I’ll persevere!

6. Suffering

I can feel my torso tingling. My mouth feels like it is being pierced by billions of needles. My face is numb. I’m sweating. I should consider getting milk.

7. Submission

It buuuuurrrrns!!! Where’s my milk? I’m gulping a liter now. I’m gargling some milk, too.

8. Recovery

I can do one more forkful. Maybe a few noodle strands. Ouch, ouch. It still burns. What sorcery is this?

9. Regret

Samyang left my tongue in embers. It’s ridiculously spicy. I couldn’t taste any chicken. Who invented this insane thing?

10. Determination

I’ll try again next time. I’ll finish an entire pack. Or not.

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