Wounded auxiliary

2 suspects gang up on plainclothes police volunteer

A VOLUNTEER police auxiliary (VPA) was wounded when he was stabbed by two men whom he accosted in Barangay Daliao, Toril District late Saturday evening.

Chief Insp. Jerome de Guzman, the commander of Toril Police Precinct, identified the victim as Norberto Ferrera, 39, a VPA assigned in the Toril Police Station.

De Guzman said Ferrera could have accosted the unidentified men since he has a standing order to all his patrolling police subordinates to always check the identity of anyone roaming the streets past 10 p.m.

The order, he said, is to preempt any crime in the neighborhood and that any police officer can do such since the city is under Martial Law.

“Perhaps, he forgot that he was not in uniform and that he was alone unarmed,” de Guzman said.

Based on the reports, the victim was driving his motorcycle on his way home in San Vicente, Daliao around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Upon reaching the junction of the road going to Vales Beach Resort and the barangay main road, the victims saw two unidentified men acting suspiciously and standing beside the road.

As Ferrera did not know both persons, he approached them, hoping to get their identity.

But the two immediately attacked him.

One of the suspects was armed with a knife. He stabbed the VPA, hitting the victim in his right upper chest and right upper arm.

The wounded Ferrera, however, managed to run away from his attackers.

The victim saw the two suspects casually leaving the place.

The VPA was immediately brought to a nearby hospital by first responders for treatment. He was declared in stable condition by his attending physician.

The victim is now recuperating at a hospital.

The Toril Police Precinct is now conducting follow up operation for the possible identification and apprehension of the suspects.