Worker who burned child to death commits suicide

A CONSTRUCTION worker killed himself inside his cell at 4:30 a.m. yesterday, one month to the day after burning his daughter to death in in Malagamot, Barangay Panacan, Bunawan District.Chief Insp. Emerson Pugong, the commander of Sasa Police Precinct, said one of the detainees, identified as Ryan L. Estudillo, informed PO1 Karlo Luigi Mendoza that Randy N. Cadiente, 44, hanged himself with a stretchable bandage tied to the railings of the comfort room ceiling.

The report said the door was covered with a piece of cloth for privacy.

The detainees and the police officers on duty untied the bandage to try to save him. Accordingly, they checked his vital signs and found a faint pulse. They called up Central 911 which deployed an ambulance that ferried the victim to the Southern Philippine Medical Center (SPMC).

However, he was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician at around 5 a.m. of April 18.

Cadiente was detained in the station while waiting for the court to decide on the parricide charge leveled against him. Pugong said the suspect already tried to commit suicide twice by banging his head against the wall and by trying to hang himself.

The body of the victim is now at the morgue of SPMC hospital.

The police officer said that Cadiente used the same bandage that he employed on the second attempt.

“Now, he committed suicide inside the CR that’s why nobody saw him,” Pugong added.

A parricide case was filed against Cadiente before the Office of the City Prosecutor.

The girl was declared dead 6 p.m. on March 18 at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) where she was confined due to severe burn injuries in different parts of her body.

The incident happened on Sunday evening but was only reported to them past midnight of Monday through a phone call by a concerned citizen through Central 911.

Pugong said witness Leonardo Abli, 54, told the investigators that around 8 p.m. of Sunday when he arrived at his shanty, Cadiente invited him for a drinking session, which he refused.

Around 10 p.m. he was awakened by the loud cry of Cadiente’s daughter. He then immediately verified the noise. He was shocked to see the girl burning. He immediately retrieved a water container and doused the fire to save the child before calling Central 911 for assistance.

Upon arrival of the Central 911, the little girl was then brought to the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) for further medical treatment.

Abli told Sasa police investigators that Cadiente was the one who burned his own daughter.

Upon further investigation, police probers were able to recover one plastic container containing fuel and one disposable lighter allegedly used in the crime.

The girl suffered severe burn injuries in her body.

Pugong revealed that the suspect’s wife left him after years of abuse.  The suspect reportedly left their home in Saranggani province and came here with the child.


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