WMC praises Apo Agua for inputs on water mgt

THE WATERSHED Management Council (WMC) outlined the contribution of new water player Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc. (AAII) to the local water management plan after the supplier met with the council last week.

 Interface Development Interventions executive director Chingkee Pelino-Golle told reporters that Apo Agua has committed to provide updates on its water monitoring activities on the Tamugan river, even before its application at the city council is approved and its planned construction project implemented.

 Apo Agua is applying for an allowable use permit for around five hectares of property in Gumalang, which will also be the location of the water treatment plant.

 Aside from this, the developer is hoping to build a hydropower plant to power the facility. “We reminded them of their commitment to produce safe water,” Golle said.

 According to the IDIS official, one of Apo Agua’s commitments is to submit a regular water monitoring report. However, the WMC hoped that the developer should submit the report to include the water quality at the Tamugan river even before the facility is constructed.

 “One of their commitments is to build an integrated water resource management plan for the Panigan and Tamugan river systems,” the IDIS official said.

 Apo Agua also committed to co-organize the annual watershed summit here.

 Apo Agua was created as a joint venture between water utility Davao City Water District (DCWD) and Aboitiz Equity Ventures to tap into the surface water at the Tamugan river. Several areas in the city, especially in the second district, are experiencing little to no water pressure and intermittent water supply because of rising population and the influx of property developments in the area.

 Apo Agua’s application, according to the supplier, would solve the water pressure problem.

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