When digital art comes to life

DIGITAL art in Davao City flourishes even in the offline world by means of independently held events and gatherings that spur growth among artists.

These sporadic events have become the backbone of the profession of artists, giving platform to showcase and sell their works. Coupled with diligence and passion that fuels movement of carefully produced goods and pieces, a market among popular art lovers is created. This segment becomes an important component in the art ecosystem that supports young and professional artists with their livelihood, stimulating production and inspiration.

Graphic art by Redentor Sandino Genotiva (@red.genotiva)

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DGDC founder Marx Consuegra

Such is the case with the Davao Graphic Designers Community (DGDC) and its energy to that keeps its members moving forward one art event after another.

A notable gathering of DGDC is Art Attack, an annual group art exhibition that melds art with local music, and merchandise selling. All these are from and by young entrepreneurs, artists, and local/independent retail brands.

Art Attack popularizes art among the young crowd, literally taking art into the streets and into the everyday. And the best part? It empowers each artist in the group.

“Art Attack is a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase their meticulously created digital artworks. It is also a good venue for designers to meet and connect with each other,” said DGDC founder Marx Consuegra.


THE Davao Graphic Designers Community is a growing community of creatives who share the same interest in the field of graphic design, digital art, and everything in between.

Art Attack started in September 2012, back when his group was still starting. It has then had seen successful runs, proving that artists don’t need to be confined in traditional exhibition spaces to experience progress in their crafts.

This pop-up kind of event helps make digital art make its mark in Davao’s art scene that is often centered around traditional media like painting. Most of the artists in DGDC work with computers and softwares to produce masterpieces.

“We hope that Davao will recognize digital art and see for themselves how talented and passionate young people are with their craft,” Consuegra said. “Through this event we hope to inspire fellow artists and get the needed support from our local government and private sectors to proliferate the awareness of graphic design and arts.”

Consuegra added that DGDC, Inc. is a SEC. registered non-profit organization in Davao City.

“We are a growing community of creatives who share the same interest in the field of graphic design and art in general. We are an open community of some 4,200+ designers and artists based in Davao and neighboring Mindanao municipalities,” he said.

With every run of Art Attack, Consuegra said DGDC always puts its best foot forward.

“Now on its sixth year, we decided to have pop culture as our theme which depicts and voices-out our modern views and ways of living while conveying profound personal statements,” he said.

The enthusiasm of DGDC artists is reflected in this year’s poster done by DGDC member Redentor Sandino S. Genotiva (IG: @red.genotiva).

“We are estimating around 30 members who will showcase one to two artworks each during the one-night exhibition,” Consuegra said.

The event welcomes anyone with an interest in the arts.

“You can expect a lot from Art Attack 6. Apart from seeing original artworks from DGDC, visitors can also get to know the art scene in Davao. They can also enjoy shopping local merchandise: from paper goods, stickers, posters, t-shirts and art-related products. There will also be games, and music from local bands for a lively night,” Paolo Ramirez, pioneering DGDC member said.


In this month’s art talk, young artists from Ingenuity and DGDC join the art discussions with veterans in the field: Tabula Rasa artists and Origane Films’ Bagane Fiola

In past Art Attack runs, brands to be remembered include Seven Seas and Nine Signs, Knob Clothing, Velvet, Rounded Squaric, Revere, and Nine Nails. Each showcased t-shirt collections worthy of #OOTD snaps of art and fashion enthusiasts.

Many talents are also recognized by from their illustrations and colorful graphics published from their computers and into various media. Each distinct work celebrates rare creativity like no other. This already spells triumph and recognition for the group.

“With such an abundance of talented people, we can only go up! We envision DGDC grow by continuing to support our local talents through group-initiated projects and events such as this, and also our other gatherings like Graphicon, Designer’s Meetup and workshops and seminars. We also see our group having a meaningful partnership with our local government and creative industry,” Ramirez said.

In the past years of regularly holding this event, Consuegra said that he has seen members of his group grow and become better as a community. The independently sustained startups (from animation or design studios to printing and craft shops) that members operate humbly root each of their self-produced artworks and merchandise to a Davaoeno identity.

“We’ve seen participating artists improve in their craft overtime and earn accolades. The event been a confidence builder—one that empowers them to rise above their doubts on themselves. Events such as this really make a big difference not only on an artist’s life but also in creating a tight-knit community,” said Consuegra.

(Art Attack 6 happens on May 20, 6 PM at the Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop in Quirino Avenue near Davao Doctors Hospital. Event is open to the public; entrance fee with light snacks and refreshments is at P100. For more information, visit Facebook.com/DGDCommunity.)