WAV, Davao Rover best foes in DDS/WAV Central hoop

TEAMS WAV Entertainment Central and Davao Rover nipped separate foes to improve their team standings, Monday night in the ongoing 2017 Davao Dribblers Society/WAV Entertainment Central basketball tournament at the Montana gym.

Patrick Cruz and Mon Honra led the charge for WAV Entertainment Central over Casa de Amigos, 64-60 scoring 20 and 16 points respectively to sport its third win in four matches. Both countered the duo of Neil Reyes and Mark Arcena who had 14 and 13 baskets for Casa de Amigos on a losing effort.

Casa de Amigos suffered its second setback in three matches.

Davao Rover shared Monday night’s winning moments on an 89-68 win over One Shot Dental. Manny Noel’s wards had their way going since the start anchored by Sherwin Driz and Ryan Josol who had 23 and 18 points, in that order.

Davao Rover is tied with WAV Entertainment Central with similar 3-1 win-loss cards while One Shot Dental paced themselves on a 2-2 record.

Games will resume tonight with Knight Shots playing H-Team at 8 p.m. while WAV Central goes for its fourth win when they play Bushido at 9 p.m.


                                                                WIN       LOSS

CHICKPRO                                           2              0

DAVAO ROVER                                  3              1

WAV CENTRALE                                3              1

CAVENA                                                2              1

“H” TEAM                                             2              1

ONE SHOT DENTAL                        2              2

TEAM BUSHIDO                                2              2

CASA DE AMIGOS                             1              2

ANIMALISM                                        1              2

KNIGHT SHOTS                                 0              3

GSIS WARRIORS                                0              3

“A” TEAM                                              4              0

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