Cultural Potpourri: Waterfront Insular Hotel’s Greens and Strings Appreciation Night

It’s that time of the year when the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao goes all out in inviting its patrons and partners to a special celebration for the “outstanding dedication and loyalty” to the City’s best located paradise of a hotel.

Last Aug. 30, 2018, the Waterfront Insular Hotel offered its guests for its annual “Client’s Appreciation Night,” hosted by the numero uno emcee Joey Sy-Domingo, beautiful music and a four-course special sit-down dinner to make the night a truly unforgettable one.

“We have gathered all of you to our annual thanksgiving to celebrate your patronage and honor your unwavering support to the hotel, our initiatives, the management, and staff,” expressed the gentleman of a towering hotel General Manager, Bryan Yves Sato Lasala, as he personally thanked the officers of the Task Force Davao, Col. Nolasco Memphin and Col. Randolph Cabangbang; as well as the friendly Commander of the East Mindanao Command, Lt. Gen. Benjamin Madrigal, who came accompanied by his lovely wife, Gie, both of whom are UP Los Banos graduates. Oh yes, the Commander also informed me that he and the popular Capitan Ronnie Go were in the same batch in the PMA.

In the midst of the Rhythm and Strings band playing the song “Lovely Day,” GM Bryan Yves S. Lasala and Property Sales and Marketing Manager Jennifer Romero went up on stage for the Awarding Ceremony to begin. There were 36 awardees to which the Waterfront Insular Hotel expressed its sincere appreciation in recognition for their highly valued support for the hotel’s programs. Those cited and given due recognition included those from the Conventions and Events Suppliers, Media Partners, Top Travel Agencies, Top Government Accounts, Top Non-Government Accounts, Top Convention Accounts and Top Corporate Accounts.

Introduced to the guests that night as well were the members of the Management Team of the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao led by GM Bryan Yves S. Lasala along with the Property Heads and the Sales and Marketing Heads which include Marketing and Communications Officer Eva Ces Gamalong and Sales and Marketing Manager Jennifer Romero, among others.

Waterfront Insular Hotel’s Clients’ Appreciation Night

Waterfront Insular Hotel’s Clients’ Appreciation Night

Considered the highlight of the evening was the four-course gourmet dinner prepared by the hotel’s Exec. Chef Bienvenido Chavez, Group Exec. Chef Giovanni Sias, and the hotel’s culinary team. Take note that the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao’s culinary team recently won three gold and five silver medals, a trophy, and the distinction of being proclaimed as this year’s Davao Culinary Cup Overall Champion. The thoughtfully planned dinner included a cup of White Tomato Cappucino soup; a minimalist plated Norwegian Salmon and Chicken with Pandan Mint Fettuccine; a delightful and colorful dessert consisting of Mango-Durian Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Mousse, Tiramisu, layered Cheesecake, Pannacota, Pralines, Fruit Tart; and ended with a small serving of timbale of Blue Cheese ice cream which madam Tomoko Dodo and I loved.

Chef Bienvenido Chavez, Jennifer Romero, GM Bryan S. Lasala, Eva Ces Gamalong, chef Giovanni Sias

Chef Bienvenido Chavez, Jennifer Romero, GM Bryan S. Lasala, Eva Ces Gamalong, chef Giovanni Sias

The evening’s invited artists for entertainment did not fail to impress the guests. The Rhythm and Strings Band had a pleasant repertoire of gentle-to-the-ears music of yesteryears which former Japanese Consul Tomoko Dodo, artist Vic Secuya and I truly enjoyed and grooved to. And yes, that was what must have prompted Vic Secuya and Commander Madrigal to ask how old I am which, of course, I didn’t respond to. But what truly brought the house down was the energetic and well-rehearsed performance of the guest artist, the show violinist Jake Juleous “JB” Gacang. This violinist not only played his electric violin but also sang some songs while doing some dance moves matched with his well-conceived facial expressions to tease the guests. “This cute guy, despite lacking in height, will be a hit in the USA,” so claimed madam Tomoko Dodo who took a video of Gacang performing his mighty best.

What a Green-and-White themed night. Thank you, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao and GM Bryan Yves Sato Lasala. Thank you, Eva Ces Gamalong, for the photos used on this page.

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