Wastewater filter system to be built in the city: exec

TO TREAT wastewater in the city’s slaughterhouse, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will set up a filter system this year.Mirasol G. Domingo, assistant regional director of DOST XI, said yesterday in Wednesdays @ Habi at Kape in Abreeza Mall that the agency would use a technology called vertical helophyte filter system, which would treat the wastewater.

The project will be built in Ma-a slaughterhouse, a government-operated facility.

Domingo said the technology would be established after the signing of the memorandum of agreement between the regional office and the city government. At present, the proposed agreement is being reviewed by the city council that would grant authority for Mayor Sara Duterte to sign the document.

“The city government is supportive on the project as it could help address the problem on wastewater,” Domingo said.

The technology is in partnership with Dutch expert Sean Ligtvoet. This is part of DOST’s project “Wastewater Treatment System Upgrading Program (WATsUP): Enhancing the Applicability of the Vertical Helophyte Filter System for Small Communities, Local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Public Entities.”

Ligtvoet said earlier that the technology pertained to the use of marshland plants or helophytes to naturally filter wastewater.  Once it is treated, the water can be used to irrigate the plants or wash the vehicles.

At present, Domingo said the use of the vertical helophyte filter system is in research and development stage, where they pilot-tested it in homegrown firm Porky Best. The test run started last year, which already yielded positive results as the technology was observed to reduce wastewater.

The DOST XI spent P100, 000 for the pilot test of the vertical helophyte filter system.

“We are studying it so we can replicate the technology to other areas,” Domingo said, as the total project cost of WATsUp amounted to P6.205 million. (KMF)


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