Warning levels

80 families evacuated due to rising waters
THE CITY Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) reported that at least 80 families in NHA Kadayawan-Bangkal were preemptively evacuated as the Talomo River water level reached warning levels (orange code).

CDRRMO chief Emmanuel Jaldon said that monitoring and rescue activities were conducted from 9 a.m. until noon yesterday to address possible flooding in NHA Kadayawan in Bangkal, Barangay Talomo Proper in Talomo District.

They are currently staying at the covered court of the nearby Central Park Subdivision, also in Bangkal.

The Baragay Talomo Proper flood also affected residents in puroks Taal, Bolosan, 34, and 35 in NHA; sitio Morio-Morio, Sunnyville, and Ulas Teachers Village.

Meanwhile, at around 11 a.m., the CDRRMO continuously monitored the gradual increase of water level in Davao River. The water level was also raised to warning levels, prompting residents for preemptive evacuation.

The responder groups in Barangay Ma-a, Barangay 19, and Barangay 76-A were also on the ready.

Barangays located along the Davao River, particularly in the Poblacion District, are potentially endangered with the rising water.

Swelling of the Davao River is a result of rains in upland barangays like Marilog Proper and Tamugan in Marilog District, Dominga in Calinan District, Callawa and Mandug in Buhangin District.

When it rains in these areas, 11 other barangays are potentially affected by flood. The barangays are Gumitan, Tamugan, Suawan in Marilog; Tigatto in Buhangin; Maa, Matina Crossing (Gravahan), 76A (Bucana) in Talomo; 2A, 5A, 9A, and 8A in Poblacion.

Color codes are used are used as early warning systems to monitor water levels: green for normal levels, yellow for alert levels, orange for warning levels, and red for critical levels.

Orange codes call for preemptive evacuation while red codes call for forced evacuation.

By 1 p.m., Davao River water levels reached warning levels (orange code). The gradual increase of water levels in tributaries of the Davao River in Suawan and Tamugan in Marilog show strong current and increasing volume of water.

This prompted BDRRMC teams to conduct preemptive evacuation on affected residents.

About 15 persons from Purok 8, Barangay 19-A were evacuated to the El Rio Phase 1 gym, and six children from Barangay 8-A were evacuated to their Purok 9 covered court.

Three barangay DRRM council responders from Talomo, Dumoy and Bago Aplaya have been mobilized for this situation. Three additional volunteer teams are also on the ground: Aqua Tierra, Kabalikat 995, and USAR 911.