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BEYOND the steel and concrete government edifices and the wide, landscaped avenues, Putrajaya is also a nature park teeming with birds, both migratory and endemic, indigenous plants and trees, and home to a thriving wetland. Who knew?

It was not until around three years ago when the 4,931-hectare Federal Territory of Putrajaya started to promote the federal administrative center of Malaysia into a tourist destination.
Not that it needed visitors since Putrajaya regularly gets busloads of tourists, mostly in group tours, visiting the well-planned city and replicate its best practices.

Putrajaya president Datuk Sari Haji Hasim showing media a 3D map of Putrajaya

Putrajaya president Datuk Sari Haji Hasim showing media a 3D map of Putrajaya

“At the onset, Putrajaya was conceptualized as a garden city and smart city when it was launched in 1996. Its parks, lake and open spaces have now become Putrajaya’s important attractions,” said Perbadanan Putrajaya president Datuk Sari Haji Hasim bin Haji Ismail during a press conference with the international media last July 13 in Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Sightseeing river cruise

Sightseeing river cruise

Perbadanan Putrajaya (Putrajaya Corporation) or PPJ is the local authority that administers the Federal Territory.
“Putrajaya offers a variety of tourism products, mainly nature-based, such as our lake, gardens, and wetland. We also have a Nature Interpretive Center, which is the information hub on its wetland ecosystem,” he added.
Over the weekend, this writer along with members of the Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Saudi, France and Philippine media, had the opportunity to explore the nature trails and wetland areas by tram and bike.
The Nature Trail took the group to various interesting spots in Putrajaya, such as the flamingo pond and a swan lake populated by ducks, white and black swans, storks and pelicans. The tour also took them to the mini-forest, home to around 400 species of tropical rainforest trees.
For man-made attractions, the modern city has a Ski Rides Festivals Amusement Park that features a tethered helium balloon ride, a yacht that takes visitors to a sightseeing cruise of the lake, various watersports, an adventure park, a night market, and equestrian facilities at the Taman Ekuestrian Putrajaya.
Its planners also envisioned Putrajaya to have well-placed, aesthetically designed bridges over the 400-hectare lake. Now it has eight bridges including the 240 meter Seri Wawasan Bridge, 300-meter Seri Saujana Bridge, and 240 meter Seri Gemilang Bridge.
The federal government has also involved the community in the tourism industry with community-based projects. This includes stingless bee farming, recycling, as well as in educational and research.
“We know the perception of other people that Putrajaya is just an administrate city, that is why we came up with several tourism-related activities to make guests come back for more,” the Putrajaya leader said.
As per the federal government’s record, Putrajaya lured in 7.5 million tourists in 2015, 8.9 million in 2016, and 6.7 million tourists in 2017. The Chinese market is their top market, followed by Thailand and Taiwan.
Traditional Malay food at the night market

Traditional Malay food at the night market

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