WANDERLUST| Hello Kitty finds home in Davao

DABAWENYA Hello Kitty collector Sue Ong probably has the largest collection of the famous Sanrio feline character on this side of the universe.

“It all started when I was still a kid when relatives would give me Sanrio products as gifts. Sometimes, we would also buy a couple of Hello Kitty toys during family vacations,” said the young collector.


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Her Hello Kitty love affair collection officially began in 2013 when she started to buy items and kept them in mint condition. In that way, she can resell them in the future for a higher value.

“I am in touch with other Hello Kitty collectors from around the world. That’s also where I get to buy some rare collectibles,” she shared.

Her collection, a vast inventory of stuffed toys, home products, decors, limited edition items, fastfood meal toys, among many others, are currently kept in a secret location – in a warehouse turned mini-museum – somewhere in Mintal.

“We can’t open the place to the public for now. We’re still making sure that all items are secured,” she explained.

She mentioned when one Hello Kitty collector’s house was featured on a TV show and opened her house to the public, some of her hard-to-find items suddenly went missing. “I hope that won’t happen to me,” she said.

Inside the room full of Hello Kitties, one would find that even the furnishings, mirror, table and racks were customized using the shapes, colors, and elements of the famous Japanese cartoon character.

Hello Kitty, created and designed by Yuko Shimizu, celebrated her 40th anniversary in 2014. Since its inception, the Hello Kitty empire has grown into a global phenomenon worth US$7 billion a year in sales.

During the anniversary year, Hello Kitty fandom was rocked when Sanrio revealed that Hello Kitty is actually human – a British 3rd grader named Kitty White, and not a cat as her name implies. However, she does have a feline pet whom she calls Charmmy Kitty.

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