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BACK  in the 1920s, Edward Bernays and Dr. John Kellogg’s iconic credence “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” made people believe on the importance of taking a morning repast.Decades later, breakfast restaurants sprouted all over the world and breakfast meals became popular, including here in the Philippines, on restaurant menus, eventually making the morning break into an all-day fare.

Just recently, Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee at Jack’s Ridge, started to offer their own take of all-day breakfast to cater to Dabawenyos who enjoy having breakfast outside their homes, on their way to work, or after having their morning workout, and to those who want to hold brunch meetings away from the confines of their offices.

In a city where breakfast is limited to tapsi, fried eggs and chorizos, Chef Karlo Mercado made sure to offer beyond the usual fares.

“We want to give alternative but delectable choices to Dabawenyos aside from the traditional breakfast fares that we are more accustomed to,” said the young chef.

This also makes sense especially that a lot of young Dabawenyos want to enjoy food visually first before they even get to get a bite of it. You know, for Instagram.

Among the specialties that we’ve tried, their Chorizo Skillet and Pancakes top our list.  The Pinoy chorizo dish is made with tomatoes sauce, topped with fresh egg, roasted pimiento and mozzarella. Their pancakes, served with butter and maple syrup, are perhaps the fluffiest that we’ve ever tasted.

Breakfast aren’t always the healthiest meals (but you need all the carbohydrates and protein to fuel your day anyway), so you can always opt for their Tropical Overnight Oats, a medley of milky soak oats with sliced apple, banana, mango, and orange – all freshly picked from the farms.

We also enjoyed their Breakfast Bruschetta, an appetizing serving of poached eggs on cream cheese-rubbed toasted bread, then drizzled with pesto and generously served with crispy sweet potatoes; and Bagel Sandwich, a smoked salmon number with cream cheese, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette.

Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee also serve French Toast with Banana, Waffle and Chicken, Morning Croissant, and Daing na Bangus, for those craving for a bit of the classics.

You can also start your morning with hearty meal with Karlo’s Full Breakdast, a plateful of honey-cured bacon, hash brown, shitake mushrooms, tomato, and toasted French bread served with butter and strawberry jam.

Karlo also gave us a taste of their exotic beverages with their thirst-quenching Mangosteen Kapeccino, and topped our all-day breakfast feast with his Triple Chocolate Mousse, a sinfully tasty pastry, which also happens to be their featured cake for the month of June.

Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Photo op with Chef Karlo Mercado with local media

Photo op with Chef Karlo Mercado with local media




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