WANDERLUST| A summer retreat in Magpet

TUCKED on a cliff in Pangao-an, Magpet, Sitio Maupot Family Resort and Sitio Maupot Bali Village afford guests of breathtaking views of lush valleys that border the winding Kabacan River and the mighty peak of Mt. Apo by sunrise and just before sunset.

Resort owner and renowned sports medicine specialist Dr. Gian Leal, who grew up in Magpet, welcomed our group when we visited their place recently.

“We named the resort Sitio Maupot to give it an ethic cultural aspect. It has also become a conversation piece among those who got curious about the name,” he said.

Maupot, the original name of Magpet, was where the Manobo tribe would gather together and feast on their “linupot”, a packed meal wrapped in banana leaves prepared during festivals and other tribal celebrations.


RESORT owner and renowned sports medicine specialist Dr. Gian Lea

“However, lexicographers got the spelling wrong when they registered the name in Malacanang, writing Maupot as Magpet,” Leal added.

About a hectare in size, Sitio Maupot Family Resort and Sitio Maupot Bali Village is actually a two-in-one resort located in a single complex. While the former offers day tours for walk-in guests, a restaurant, venues for events and dipping pools for adults and kids, the latter is an exclusive enclave for those who demand privacy, serenity and a place for intimate holidays.


THIS writer and friends Donald, Jake and Jose at Bali Village’s entrance

At the moment, only the Bali Village has overnight accommodations with deluxe, family and suite rooms starting at PhP3,500. Guests at the Bali Village can also avail of the spa and other wellness services, including use of jacuzzi, steam room, hydro massage and their infinity and wading pools.

“We are currently completing the construction of a dorm type accommodation for Sitio Maupot since we get a lot of requests from guests who would hold seminars here,” said Leal.

Leal, who’s based in Manila, is supported by his wife Kim in managing the resort complex.


“With the help of some members of the Manobo tribe, whom we employed. The Manobos are closed to our hearts. My mother, who was a teacher in the 1960s, had ┬áManobo scholars. Every year, we would hold outreach program to the Manobo community,” he shared.

As an added attraction, the resort also offers guests the best views of Pangao-an and Bongalanon Falls via an action-packed ATV/UTV adventure ride.

“We are also planning to develop the riverside by partially diverting its to a portion of the resort and create an articial waterfall, then set a dining area adjacent to it where guests can dine and feel the water flowing at for level,” Leal revealed.

Sitio Maupot is around 20 minutes away from Kidapawan City proper

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