WANDERLUST| A place that bamboo built

TUCKEDĀ in a sloping, semi-forested area in Barangay Malagos, Baguio District, Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park is a hidden paradise for those who want to escape from the noise and bustle of downtown Davao.


“People think that we’re far but actually we’re just minutes away from the grocery, a mall, public market and the terminal,” said resort owner Rolando de Veyra, referring to their proximity to poblacion Calinan.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park is a 3.5 hectare property that was then part swamp, part orchard. The humble and enterprising couple just wanted a home away from home for their family as they now spend more time in Zamboanga City.

“I’m originally from Malungon, and my wife is from Bansalan but our business is both in Davao and Zamboanga,” he added.

To build their dream family vacation house, they consulted Architect Ed Viacrusis with their plan. “He helped us with the design. We initially just wanted to have a garden and a pool for our grandchildren,” his wife, Fe, revealed.

Viacrusis presented to them a plan that jived with the couple’s concept of making the place as natural as possible.

“Since the area was rich with spring water, we made use of flowing water for the pool. We also made use of an existing river for our kayaking area,” she added.

Fe, who is a plant lover, originally collected 10 varieties of bamboo. Around a decade ago, when their daughter was still in college, she volunteered to make a business plan for their property.

“Over the years, we made research about bamboos and its benefits, and visited places where bamboos thrive. It made me embrace our advocacy of conserving bamboo,” Fe shared.

Today, she now has 26 bamboo varieties from Thailand and Japan, along with some vines and flowering plants that are now part of the resort.


“Across the barangay road outside our main property, we have a mini forest with wild birds and monkeys. We will be setting portions of that area where people can walk and enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings,” said Rolando.

Instead of having animals in cages, they would rather build feeders so that local animals can still freely roam around area.

The couple also is planning to develop a natural spa, complete with rainshowers, jacuzzi and a waterfall, all utilizing available spring water.

“The spring water, the forest and the wild animals – we can not buy these. We feel blessed that we have them in our property. That’s why we would like to see them them thrive freely. We can only enhance the use and beauty of the property, but not totally alter it,” quipped Fe.

While it still undergoing finishing touches, Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park can already accommodate guests for day tour and overnight stay inside their family and dorm type rooms. Some areas, such as the dome, function hall, and poolside, are also available for events.

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