VM Paolo, councilors to undergo drug test

VICE MAYOR Paolo Duterte has ordered a drug test for all city council members, including himself as the presiding officer, as a show of support for President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s war on drugs.

VM Duterte, in a press conference, told reporters that the city council was ready at any time to show their sincerity in the fight against illegal drugs.

According to the presidential son, the war on drugs in the city was well-coordinated with the members of the barangay council as well as the Davao City Police Office.

He said that erring barangay officials who are involved in drugs have already been warned and monitored.

In jest, the vice mayor said he is aware that he has been repeatedly dragged by some groups into drug charges, ranging from being an alleged user up to being a drug lord.

“That’s been happening since 1992,” Duterte said. “As I was ‘promoted’ into different positions, my ‘rank’ has also been promoted.”

Duterte simply brushed off the accusations.

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