Uratex subsidiary eyes distributors of motorcycle parts for its products

URATEX Automotives is planning to go directly to distributors of motorcycle parts for customized after-market products such as foam seats, with the manufacturer taking advantage of Mindanao’s penchant for riding motorcycles such as habal-habals.

A habal-habal is an informal public conveyance motorcycle.

In an interview at Thursday’s media event at the Uratex showroom in Barrio Pampanga, Lanang, Uratex Automotive Seating director for sales and marketing Edwin C. Gallor said theywanted to explore the market and deal directly with the vendors of their products.

“There are different demands for each kind of motorcycle,” Gallor said. “Racers, for example, want their seats sleek and light. For habal-habal motorcycles, the owners want their seats soft and thick.”

Gallor said there was yet to be a direct market penetration into Visayas and Mindanao for customized motorcycle seats.

The market share in Metro Manila, meanwhile, was around 2%, Gallor said.

According to the official, the company, a subsidiary of RGC Group of Companies, the holding Uratex company, is also interested in the replacement seatings for Davao bus lines Metro Shuttle, Weena, Holiday and Yellow Bus lines.

He said the bus seats for these companies usually come from China.

“We want to replace their seats with more quality foam,” he said.

He said the market share for buses region-wide has been about 20% since the company started dealing with the bus lines five years ago.

The data, he said, comes from registration information from the Land Transportation Office.

Gallor estimated the Davao region market for motorcycles to be around 200,000, with buses numbering around 700 units for the region.

In Luzon, Uratex supplies the bus foams for provincial buses JAC and Ceres, as well as 23 others.

“We don’t know our market figures for Mindanao yet,” Gallor said. “We concentrated so far on Luzon, but because of this opportunity, we went here.”

Gallor said Uratex would target Cebu markets next for aftermarket products.

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