UPMin conducts livelihood training for women’s group  

THE WOMEN of a community currently in a land conflict with the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) have engaged in an extension program that aims to improve livelihood in the area where a 20 hectare sports complex is being constructed.

The School of Management (SOM) of UPMin is currently conducting seminars for 30 women from Sitio 117 in Brgy. Bago Oshiro, who reside within the 204- hectare property of UP.

UP, the city government, and traditional residents of the area are in the midst of a property dispute for the construction of the sports facility.

However, officials from inside the university claim that they are slowly reaching out to improve the impact of the construction project.

Earlier, administrators of the university assured residents that they would not be removed from the property but will be relocated within the site, outside the project area.

Prof. Raymundo Pavo, who is one of the proponents of the project, said that there was a need to reach out to the would-be entrepreneurs in the area as they were part of the decision making process in  the community.

“It is crucial that we need to contextualize this activity as a women’s project,” Pavo said.

The women will be undergoing entrepreneurship projects in the production of ice cream, slippers, beads, food preparation, and other services.

They will then be trained to be organized for them to capitalize on various opportunities.

“We hope to make a difference not just in the lives of women but also relations with UP Mindanao,” Pavo said.

Organizers of the lecture series recognize the role of women as influencers in their family.

The city government, the university, and the residents have had a delicate relationship, as the informal settlers have repeatedly asserted their claim over part of the land in the property.

Years ago, police personnel were sent to the lot when protesters of the sports complex project allegedly burned equipment from the Department of Public Works and Highways who were attempting to send their trucks into the property.

Larry Digal, SOM dean, said that this will be among the first steps in better relations between the state university and its nearby community.

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