Up for demolition

- Agdao residents seek mayor’s help

Residents of Barangay San Antonio, Agdao District are seeking help from Mayor Sara Duterte after they received a notice of demolition on a 1,288 square meter property in San Vicente YCF issued by the court.

Ofelia Samoza, president of the San Vicente Neighborhood Association, and nine other members gathered in front of City Hall just after the regular flag ceremony yesterday morning to seek an audience with the mayor.

However, the residents failed to meet Mayor Sara, who is in Hawai’i for a scheduled signing of a sisterhood agreement with Kaua’i City.

Residents claimed they were given five days to vacate the property and that they have nowhere to go.

“We were only given five days to vacate. Where shall we go?” Samoza cried.

The Notice to Vacate and Notice of Demolition was issued by the Municipal Trial Court in the Cities-Branch 2 last Sept. 7.

Samoza claimed they have been residing at the place for more than 30 years already.

She claimed they were victims of double selling.

Samoza said they acquired the then deserted area from Jovencio Tancontian.

Tancontian, she said, agreed to sell his land at P170 per square meter in 1992.

Samoza showed to reporters the receipts of their payment and a blueprint of the land divided into 13 areas of approximately 90 sq. m. per member.

But without finishing the payment to Tancontian, a certain James Hofer claimed to have acquired the land of Tancontian in 1981, showing a deed of absolute sale.

“While we were paying to own the property, somebody already owned it,” said Samoza who insisted that they were victims of double selling by Tancontian who is already deceased.

Samoza and her group tried to negotiate with Hofer, who is said to be living in the U.S.

Sometime in October 2014, Samoza said a certain Rowena Talisik appeared before them and claimed to be Necifrofa Hofer, the wife of James Hofer.

However, James Hofer was recorded as a widower in the intent to sell document, Samoza said.

Talisik, Samoza said, offered them a price of P10,000 per sq. m.

Samoza said they appealed to lower the price, or pay in installment for 25 years, since most members could not afford it.
But the request was denied.