University of Mindanao sends off summer graduates

SOCIAL responsibility became the theme of the University of Mindanao’s commencement exercises held April 28 that saw hundreds of eager new young professionals enter a new phase in their lives.

UM President Dr. Guillermo P. Torres Jr. stressed to the new graduates the importance of giving something back to their community through their newly obtained degrees.

“Education is a responsibility. It is perfectly understandable if you think and work for personal return of your investment by earning or generating your income and enjoying the fruits of your labor. But somehow, think of a social return,” said Torres.

He said UM graduates have the responsibility of improving not only their lives and that of their family, but also for fellow human beings.

“Our country and society should be able to benefit from your degree by simply doing well in your professional practice, and work for the improvement of quality of life,” he said.

The school head encouraged the new graduates to continually learn and improve even if they were now done with formal education.

“Your degree is nothing but a title. You still need to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and competencies that you earned as part of your degree,” he stressed.

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