University of Mindanao, forging ahead at 69

THE UNIVERSITY of Mindanao celebrated its 69th founding anniversary flamboyantly with a neon themed party, gathering members of its constituents in the main campus for fellowships and a meaningful retrospect of how the educational institution changed the community with quality leadership education over the years.

UM was established in 1946 and is one of the oldest universities in Southern Philippines; it takes pride in being a non-sectarian school that offers the most number of academic programs in this side of the country. UM is also the first academic institution in Mindanao with an institutional ISO 9001:2008 Certification, paving way for global linkages that open opportunities for Mindanao’s future leaders.

Photos by: Bing Gonzales


UM Executive Vice President-Academic Affairs Dr. Pedro B. San Jose


UM President Dr. Guillermo P. Torres Jr.


EDWIN P. Torres of UMBN-Makati, Atty. Edward C. Go, Atty. Cesar E. Nitorreda and Dr. Guillermo P. Torres Jr.

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