Some barangay captains not joining anti-drug drive
A NUMBER OF barangay officials in the city are uncooperative in President Rodrigo Duterte’s drive against illegal drugs.

Davao City Police Office director, Sr. Supt. Michael John Dubria, said some barangay captains in the third district are reluctant to help in their anti-drug campaign.

With this, Dubria said the DCPO will no longer be relying on these barangay captains.

“Probably there are those involved in illegal drugs so these government officials are not cooperating,” Dubria said without naming those barangay officials. “Also, they may be afraid for their life so they don’t want to be involved.”

Dubria admitted that barangay officials are a big factor on their anti-drug campaign. But he said they can still operate even without the help of the barangay officials.

Barangay officials monitor their communities, including drug pushers and users who surrendered, Dubria said But the DCPO chief is still hopeful that these barangay captains will cooperate in the illegal drugs campaign.

“There’s a barangay captain in Tugbok District who was uncooperative before but the Tugbok Police Station Commander reported that this official is already coordinating,” Dubria said. “So it’s a good development,”

The DCPO chief said they may just rely on their informants if the barangay captain doesn’t want to be involved.

Insp. Catherine dela Rey, DCPO spokesperson, said in a separate interview that those barangay captains who refuse to issue certification will be reported to the Davao Police Regional Office. It will be the police regional command who will report the matter to the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for any possible action.

Dela Rey said the barangay captain, through the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council, has the obligation to come up with the list of suspected drug users and pushers in their community.

The list given by the barangay captain is the one used by the police in their anti-drug operation. Police then conduct Oplan Taphang (Tapok Hangyo — gather those in the list and ask them to stop their illegal activity),” dela Rey said. “Most of those subjected in the Oplan Taphang surrendered.”

“There are those who are in the list but don’t appear in Oplan Taphang so they conduct Oplan Tokhang (Toktok Hangyo — knocking the doors of those in the list and asking them to stop their illegal activity),” she further said.

“If the one in the list is no longer in the barangay, then the barangay captain should issue a certificate that the subject is no longer in the barangay so the police can clear the list,” she added.

Dela Rey said a surrenderee is not yet cleared until he or she comes up clean during the succeeding surveillance operations. She said that once the subjects return to their illegal operation, then they will be arrested.