UM Professional School sends off first foreign doctor in Business Administration

IT WILL only be good memories of his time at the University of Mindanao for Michael Eugene Carter II, who holds the distinction of being the first foreign student to complete his postgraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of Mindanao’s Professional Schools.

Carter, called Mike by his classmates and friends, marched with a thousand other Umians who completed their baccalaureate, masteral, and doctorate degrees as October graduates in the ceremonies held last Nov. 23 at the SMX Convention Center in Lanang.


MICHAEL “Mike” Carter II with his father, Michael Sr. at the University of Mindanao graduation rites last Nov. 23 at the SMX Convention Center.

“The University of Mindanao is a prestigious university in the Davao region, and it makes it even more special that my credits are transferrable to the US, because it’s ISO (International Standardization Organization) certified. That means I’m a doctor’s degree holder here, and also in the States,” said Carter.

Carter lived in Davao City since he was 18 and greatly enjoyed his time studying in the country.

“Davao has been good to me and my family,” he added.

He was escorted in his graduation ceremonies by his father Michael Carter Sr, and said he is intending to give back to the university and the public soon.

“We want to establish a scholarship to help out deserving undergraduate students of the Business Administration course. Anything we can do to help. The Philippines and the university has done so much for me so any way that I can I want to be able to help the future generations of students in the Business Administration program,” he said.

Carter said entering the academe as a teacher is also a possibility, whether here or in the United States, but for now he is enjoying every option available to him.

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