UM 5th batch of outbound exchange students sets off next month

Exploring new places and immersing in the rich culture of our neighbors in Asia are luxuries that many people long for; but to engage in these experiences and get to attend reputable schools in these other countries as well? Truly a dream come true!

Ten deserving students of the University of Mindanao passed rigorous screening from school department heads last January and starting next month will be off to UM partner institutions in Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan as the fifth batch of students under UM’s Outbound Exchange Program.

The Outbound Exchange Program has two components: the AIMS (ASEAN International Mobility for Students), which is only offered to students who are enrolled under the Engineering and International Business programs; and the UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific), which is open to students who are enrolled in any Level II programs of the University.

Three UMians shared with us their experiences from their time as outbound exchange students and why they think every UMian should give applying a shot.

Kenneth Namoc, Irrah Laygo, and  Mark Garvida belong to the 2017-2018 batch of outbound students, and while all three agreed that programs such as the Outbound Exchange allowed them the opportunity to fly internationally for the first time, it was also their desire to expand their horizons and experience life outside of their comfort zones that pushed them to apply for the exchange program.

Irrah Laygo

Irrah Laygo

“This is a once in a life time chance that I could have that’s why I don’t waste it,” said Mark.

Mark Garvida

Mark Garvida

Kenneth, who studied Accountancy, added that the program allowed him to see his chosen field of study from the perspective of another culture, while Irrah said that while there were ups and downs during her stay at Malaysia, it was still an enriching time.

Kenneth Namoc

Kenneth Namoc

“Not only in educational perspective but also in social, spiritual, as well as in survival,” she said.

All three studied in Malaysia, and lauded the teaching and studying methods enforced there.

“The way they conduct lecture is quite different because we only meet twice a week for each course and there is only one assessment which is the final exam, so you are really expected to do well during the whole semester. The courses I enrolled enhance my critical thinking because most of our school works are case studies and oral presentations,” said Kenneth.

Irrah adds that Malaysian professors don’t spoon feed their students,  while Mark said critical thinking was developed because of their methods.

Asked what they’d like to see more of in the University of Mindanao as well as in themselves that they learned from their time schooling abroad, all three point out that their Malaysian classmates were very diligent in their work and did not procrastinate on their projects, rarely asking for deadline extensions in submitting their work.

“The students there are really committed in every task given to them. They always gave their very best in each school works. They are also competitive but in a friendly and not intimidating manner,” added Kenneth.

As with all the previous students who braved the unknown and came out of the situation better, smarter, and wiser; all three encourage those who are hopeful to try their best in applying as outbound exchange students.

For those interested, you may inquire at the International Affairs Office located at second floor of the UM Embassy campus or call 226- 3526.

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