Turkey breeding center to be set up

A FOREIGN investor is planning to set up a state-of-the-art turkey breeding center in the city.

“I see Davao as a place with good potential, good airport and seaport and better climate condition,” Joe Stanyer, director of Farmer Joe, said on Wednesday in an interview.

The company, which started in 1999, earlier ventured in Thailand and Malaysia.

Stanyer said he found the city as a suitable area for his venture because it is bird flu free and has the best human resource as Filipinos know how to speak the English language. With the project, he hoped that the local market will appreciate their products.

“The only drawback is that the domestic turkey market is currently small,” Stanyer said.

The company will be producing turkeys that are GMO free and would be fed with palm oil formula feeds. The genetics will be imported from Europe and Canada, which would be bought from the blue chip companies in those countries.

In the company’s website, they are setting standards in turkey production. Their products, the website added, are assured to be of “halal, healthy, delicious and natural.”

The breeding center, which is planned to be set up in the city, is envisioned to be the hub for the company’s market in the member countries of Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The center, Stanyer said, will be “the new regional rural industry, exporting both meat products and genetics.”

“We assure the market that our produce is healthy,” Stanyer said. (By Kristianne M. Fusilero)

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