Tud-om To Kua Balangay

IN CELEBRATION of The National Arts Month, Samahan ng mga Musikeros sa Davao, Inc. (SAMADhI) in partnership with The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is staging Tud-om To Kua Balangay (Chant of the Balangay), a musical performance in honor of the ancient sailboat of Butuan City, a great heritage of Mindanao, the Balangay.

0balangayThe performance will be on Feb. 28, Saturday, at Taboan, Matina Town Square, 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Admission is FREE.

Popong Landero directs with image designed byKublai Millan.

Main performers are Jojo Garbilao with his band, Crowns Down, Datu Mankulicao and some chanters of the Manobo tribe. Crowns Down is Tunog-Mindanao 2012 grand winner with their original piece, Silangan.

SAMADhI president Sandra Carpio said the Chant of the Balangay aims promote the value of cultural activity through music by using ethnic and indigenous musical instruments fused with western and wired instruments.

The event, Carpio said, will be an influencing energy for the upcoming generation of musical artists, to pique their interest in knowing how cultural identity and tradition impacts them and how it can inspire the birth of new artistic musical interpretations.

Chant of the Balangay will show the cultural richness of the Manobo tribe of Agusan through the mantra of chants, song, sound, and music. It gives the audience the opportunity to become familiar with one of the oldest settlements in the Philippines‚ Butuan City, and one of the original tribes of Mindanao and ancestry of one of the ethnic groups in Butuan‚ the Manobo.

“The abounding cultural heritage of this city and ancestry seduces those thirsty for bygone history to revisit the charm of an ancient kingdom. Through the years, the city has emerged with one of the most exciting archaic finds ‚ the Balangay, which is the oldest relic of a water-navigating vessel found in the Philippines and only in Butuan City. Today, it has become an icon of unity and prosperity. Knowing about the past helped us sail on towards the future together, united as community, as a people, as a country,” a statement said.

“This chant ignites and enriches a passion for our profound connection with nature, man, and God; influenced by the melding of the traditional with modern. The rustic, primitive, crusty, and ragged sound of old-world Manobo instruments enhanced with the modern, contemporary, avant-garde instruments of today create such a unique blend of world music that will bring the audience to the home of the Manobos and the deep emotion they render,” it added.

The event is sponsored by Matina Town Square, APM Groups, Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, Vice Mayor Paolo Z. Duterte, City Government of Davao, City Government of Butuan and Department of Tourism.

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