Trillanes’ statement is an insult – DCPO chief

THE DAVAO City Police Office (DCPO) debunked Senator Antonio Trillanes IV statement calling Davao City as number 1 in murder, number 2 in rape and the most dangerous city in the Philippines.

Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum, told TIMES yesterday that the statement “is an insult to the relentless effort of the joint security forces and law enforcement units based in the city including our local government- in light of our numerous security and safety counter measures.”

“The people themselves have seen this. (This has) resulted to the highest acceptance rating that we have received so far (based on) the recent survey of the Ateneo de Davao University,” Tagum said.

“But this negative statement will not deter us from our resolve-to make Davao City as the most dangerous place for the criminals and terrorist and the safest city for all Davaoenos ,” he said.

“This is our common aspiration,” he added.

Speaking also in yesterday’s AFP-PNP press conference held at Royal Mandaya Hotel, Sr. Insp. Maria Teresita Gaspan said “at this point in time the city is very safe. We have actually a lower crime volume compared to 2016 to 2017.”

Based on the records of the DCPO, in 2016 they have recorded 10, 269 crime incidents in the city compared to7, 576 in 2017, a downgrade of 2,693 or 26.22 percent.

The crime against person and property in 2016 was 2,617, and decreased to 1, 588 in 2017 or 39.32 percent.

“This is so because of the conduct of series of major anti criminality operation aside from the maximum deployment of personnel in different areas in the city.

“If you notice that in every corner, our PNP personnel is visible together with the police auxiliary,” she said. “We have also mobilized the village watchmen to help in secure the city.”

Gaspan said the presence of the police auxiliary is a big help to the policemen in securing different parts of the city.

DCPO has 1,850 police personnel and an additional 910 police auxiliary.

Gaspan also explained the parameters in considering a certain place as dangerous or safe.

“In 2016 to 2017 crime against persons like murder, physical injury and rape dropped,” she said.

It is attributed to the checkpoints and Oplan Bulabog because unidentified individuals were monitored, especially the transients.

She also mentioned the campaign “Sagop Kabataan” that helped lessen riot incidents and increased the level of awareness of the public on the law. The local government’s support has made these campaigns successful.

On Tuesday, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was declared persona non grata by the city council through a resolution authored by Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag .

The Senator was declared persona non grata for his comment that Davao City was “the most dangerous city in the Philippines.”

Based on police records, there were 219 murder cases in 2015, but these were murder cases that “mostly happened during a drinking spree argument in the confines of the dwelling or in the house of which the police has no control in the movement or actions of the victims and suspects,” Gaspan said.

“We would like to reiterate that rape is committed privately or in a place where there is no presence of police,” she added.

As of January 2018, there were 489 index and non-index crimes reported compared to 571 cases reported in January 2017.

The index crimes are crimes against person and property while the non- index crimes are violations of special laws and city ordinances.

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