Traffic office readies for busy weekend holiday

THE CITY Transport and Traffic Management Office released the traffic rerouting plan in preparation for the influx of people going to the cemeteries for this year’s All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day this weekend.

The traffic sketches are also available at the city’s official Facebook page.

The sketches include the rerouting plans for the Davao Memorial Park in Matina, San Pedro Memorial Park, Forest Lake, Orchard Memorial Park, Masonic Cemetery, Wireless cemetery, Catholic cemetery along Circumferential Road/Marfori area, Chinese cemetery along another side of Circumferential and the Buhangin Memorial Park.

Davao Memorial Park

The traffic rerouting plan for the Davao Memorial park is divided into two, one for off-peak and another for peak hours.

For peak hours, the CTTMO will close off vehicle traffic from the corner of Quimpo-MacArthur junction going to the Davao Memorial Park.

Vehicles may either take Quimpo Boulevard, turn left Kalamansi Street, University Avenue, and exit only at Durian Street to access the vicinity of the Davao Memorial Park.

In case of heavier traffic, the CTTMO will implement a counter-flow starting from MacArthur Highway corner Tulip until the Quimpo-MacArthur junction.

The CTTMO will also implement a No Left Turn for all vehicles coming from the Santos-Cuyugan road. Motorists may take Quimpo Boulevard instead.

For off peak hours, the right lane of the MacArthur Highway leading to the Davao Memorial Park is strictly for vehicles entering the premises.

The two inner lanes will be intended for southbound vehicles.

The portion of the highway along the Alexian Brothers is intended as a loading and unloading area.

Utility buses headed to MacArthur highway must reroute towards Sandawa and then Quimpo boulevard.

Southbound trucks may use either the Sandawa-Quimpo route or the diversion road. Sidewalks will remain open.

Circumferential road/Marfori area

The vicinities of the San Pedro Memorial Park, Forest Lake, Orchard Memorial Park, Masonic Cemetery, Wireless cemetery, and Catholic cemetery have a centralized access system, as the cemeteries are next to one another.

The CTTMO has closed off to buses and trucks portions of Sarenas road to Fr. Selga towards cemetery road, the portion of Selga Street from the corner of F. Torres until Circumferential Road. Entry shall be regulated in this area starting 1 p.m. onwards for all pedicabs and tricycles.

The CTTMO has also prohibited parking in front of the vicinity of all cemeteries along Circumferential Road. Visitors to the cemeteries in this area may also enter through Copper Street at San Rafael/Marfori.

Chinese cemetery

The CTTMO will be implementing a one-way vehicular traffic system starting from Sarenas corner Gahol (DMSF) to Sarenas corner Bacaca, where there will be no parking allowed.

All vehicles going to and coming from Bacaca going to the Chinese Cemetery may use Bacaca Road but must take JP Laurel-Gahol (DMSF)-Sarenas.

Buhangin Memorial Park

The CTTMO will be implementing one way vehicular traffic from Buhangin Milan towards corner Cabantian road-Mamay road.

There will be no entry along Cabantian-Jehovah Road towards Buhangin Memorial Park. Vehicles may utilize Mamay extension-CP Garcia-Buhangin road instead.

No parking will be allowed in front of the Buhangin Memorial Park along Cabantian road.

CTTMO chief Rhodelio Poliquit earlier said the traffic department will also discourage selling of items along the roads to avoid contributing to the congestion.

Instead, vendors may sell across the road, away from the high-traffic areas of the cemetery.

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