Traders urged to build parking buildings

THE CITY government is looking at offering fiscal incentives for new investors that will build parking buildings.

Lemuel Ortonio, head of Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC), said this is aligned on the plan of the city government to eventually implement a “no parking policy” within the city’s streets as way to ease up traffic in the metropolis.

“We are now crafting a special incentive package for potential investors that would put up parking buildings,” Ortonio said.

The special incentive package, he said, includes providing business tax and real estate property tax holidays in a certain period of time.

Ivan Cortez, chief of City Planning and Development Office, said they also directed the city council to craft an ordinance that would give incentives for parking facilities. This, he said, is part of the city’s Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA).

The city’s ELA cited that the multi-level parking facilities have to be set up in idle lands or in government properties. “Private investors will be duly provided with incentives thru the specialized incentives package for special projects,” the ELA added.

“Parking facilities are needed especially in the downtown area,” Cortez said.

The city government is pushing for parking facilities following the increasing number of vehicles that already reached 116,391 vehicles as of third quarter last year, cited the data from DCIPC’s Compendium of Economic Indicators.

Apart from the need to put up parking facilities, the city government also planned to partner and forge memorandum of agreement with the private towing companies in running illegally parked vehicles.

The ELA of the city government specified that a towing franchise has to “be provided to private firms for fast action on illegally parked vehicles or those which broke down in the middle of the road.” (By Kristianne M. Fusilero)

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