Tourism council created

THE CITY government is creating the Tourism Council of Davao City to oversee the efficiency of the implementation of tourism programs of the city.

Mayor Sara Duterte- Carpio approved the Executive order No. 21on April 24 which creates the body as part of the “plan to ensure the preparation of a tourism plan, the enforcement of standards, and the collection of statistical data for tourism purposes.”

Based on the executive order, the council will act as the body to monitor the enforcement of tourism laws and regulations based on the Tourism Development Code of Davao City as it will encourage the active participation of all tourism sectors and players, including those who are unorganized to promote sustainable tourism development.

It is also authorized to form a committee to address tourism-related special concerns and other related issues.

To head the council is either the mayor or the head of the City Tourism Operations Office (CTTO) if the mayor is not available. The head of the CTOO will also become the head of the secretariat of the council to provide all the clerical, secretarial, and administrative work related to the council’s function.

The operational costs and funding of the council including the payment of honoraria, incidental and other expenses will be taken from the available funds of the city government which will be subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations of the city government.

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