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A HAPPY development that changes the situation whenever there is street demonstration conducted by people who have grievance with the government is happening now.

Unlike before when the demonstrators were the ones being persecuted, now it’s the other way around.

As of last week, nine police officers were administratively relieved from the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) and 40 personnel were placed under “restrictive custody” of the Manila Police Department (MPD).

The police officers and 40 personnel are being investigated after PNP Police Chief “Bato” dela Rosa was reported irked by the violent dispersal of a rally of indigenous people and other cause-oriented groups in front of the American Embassy at Roxas Boulevard last Wednesday involving all the accused who I believe were in the area upon order of their superiors.

The incident injured 32 cops from the MPD and 20 protesters. Mas marami ang nasaktan sa mga pulis.

General Bato, who was in Beijing, China as part of the delegation of President Duterte’s four-day state visit to the communist country when the violent incident happened, said: “Napanood ko ang video at nakakalungkot at nakakagalit I saw people got hurt. Ayaw na ayaw ko na may nasasaktan na Pilipino.” Thank you for that sir.

But would it be proper that we first conduct clear investigation of what really happened before the drastic action is imposed on members of the police force? Lumalabas kasi na guilty na sila sa mata ng tao habang wala pang resulta ang inbistigasyon. Kawawa naman.

NCRPO director Chief Supt. Oscar Albayalde might be correct when he said that our policemen were provoked, hence they used the necessary force because the rallyists were trying to flip over their patrol car and they even threw paint on them.

Based on what we experienced during the past administrations where some militants groups were used by people who had vested interest to sow chaos against the government, Albayalde thought of this scenario that made our police reacted violently.

Anyway, pare-pareho naman silang nasaktan and the militant groups have already sent the message of their grievance to the authority, ipagamot na lang natin sila para matapos ang istorya.


Boxing promoter Bob Arum has this to say why Manny Pacquiao has lost the ability knocking out opponents since 2009.

The champ has been fighting bigger and more skillful fighters since he stepped into the welterweight division in 2009. And Arum added, any elusive fighter will always find a way not to get knockout.

But I have my own suspicion.

In 2009, Pacquiao was 30 years old, still in his prime time to KO even a bull. But now at 38, I doubt it. Even Floyd Mayweather Jr. who was much younger than Pacquiao has also lost his knockout magic in his last fight two years ago.

Siguro aminin na lang natin, matanda na si Pacquiao para manatiling knockout fighter pa rin.


On the occasion of the commemoration of World Toilet Day on Nov. 19,   “an event created to raise awareness on the lack of access to proper sanitation in parts of the world and how it contributes to disease and other social maladies,” wrote our reporter Salud Isabel Petalcorin, we decided to reprint some toilet rules printed on front page of TIMES last weekend issue for the benefit of those who have not get hold of that copy and for toilet users who just drop the “bomb” without clearing it:


If you lift it…Put it down

If it runs out…Replace it

If you miss…Clean it up

If you’re finished…Flush it

If it smells…Spray it

Please, flush toilet after using.


Today is United Nations Day. We used to celebrate this day jointly with other nations being one of the members. I wonder if we are still on the world map of nations after our president called the UN secretary a “fool.”

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