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AFTER almost a month of being absent from this corner, we decided to resume writing with the intention of asking Chief Rhodelio Poliquit of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) about the campaign of his office personnel and relentless drive against erring motorists, illegal parking, and other road mischiefs.

Also, we’re hoping that the reappearance of the Timesman in this corner will once and for all end speculations of friends and readers that we are sick. Huwag kayong mag-alala, baka mauna pa kayo sa akin. Hehehe!

Busy lang talaga ako lately. As earlier mentioned, we are preparing to transfer to a new subdivision north of the city while at the same time working on my immigration documents. But don’t worry, even in my dream, I would not leave Davao for Uncle Sam. Masaya na ako sa Presidente natin kahit matigas ang ulo.

Chief Poliquit, It was card day at the Ateneo de Davao Junior High School last Friday afternoon. This practice of card distribution to parents and guardians also causes traffic problem at Acacia Street fronting the seven gates of the school as many motorists park their cars right on road sides.

Actually, even during ordinary school days, Acacia Street is becoming a headache to everyone especially when there are no traffic enforcers around because of the volume of vehicles passing that road coming from Mac Arthur Highway and Quimpo Boulevard.

So, we only expect a motorist to look for another parked car about to leave its place and park there. And this happened to me at around 2:35 p.m. right after the Gate 7 of Ateneo last Friday.

But before doing so, I signaled a traffic aide if I was allowed to park on the space left vacant. The traffic enforcer responded positively.

When I returned to my car after 15 minutes, or at about 240 p.m., with Jin Lorenz and his card, we noticed an LTO Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) already attached to the windshield. It said my violation was “For Alarm/Park unauthorized”.

Since it was drizzling that afternoon and no more traffic enforcers around (I saw more or less 10 of them manning Acacia Street when I parked my car earlier), I picked up the wet piece of TOP and decided to wait until Monday (today) to report to CTTMO for my alleged violation.

What I can’t understand, why a traffic enforcer allowed me to park my car in a previous place occupied by another car when in a matter of five minutes, I would be issued a violation ticket?

It seems there’s no proper coordination among traffic personnel on implementing Chief Poliquit’s directive. While one is saying Yes, the other one is saying No! I will reserve more comments next issue.

Nevertheless, I would like to congratulate the CTTMO boss for his effort to decongest our worsening traffic situation in the city.


As of last week, the “surprise” operation of the CTTMO against erring motorists already netted 114 vehicles in various areas in the city.

We expect the number to double as we notice almost every day that violators of speed limit have been back to their crazy driving, especially taxis and PUJs plying Toril and Calinan. Motorcyle riders are included.

Kumpiyansa sila. Although President Duterte is most of the time out of the city and in Malacanang and other places in the country, his priority is to remain secure in his place by ensuring that sanity on the road is maintained.

Pag nandiyan na ang presidential chopper, magbantay na kayo mga abusadong tsuper.


Why is it that the Department of Health (DOH) is focusing on including condom education in public school curriculum when there are other concerns that need its attention than wasting its time demonstrating the use of condom to students?

We parents are more expert on explaining this to our children and what the DOH is doing is only a duplication of what we can do at home. Baka naman enjoy lang sila sa pag gamit nito?

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