TIMESMAN| Worst traffic ever!

OUR DRIVING from our new place at Damosa to the downtown area last Wednesday was the worst ever I experienced in my more than 50 years of holding the steering wheel.

Jin Lorenz who took over the steering wheel from me, with three of his classmates from Ateneo who were reviewing at our house for their exams the following day, were also onboard. We were on the way to attend the Christmas Party of the TIMES held at the old Acropolis along C. Bangoy Street fronting the PLDT. We dropped JL’s three classmates somewhere along Bajada while the two of us proceeded to the venue.

The usual 30-minute travel time from Damosa to downtown became more than three hours even when we used our usual route. His effort was no match to the traffic chaos that we encountered.

And since we missed attending the TIMES Christmas Party that night because of the traffic, we just passed by the drive thru of Jollibee in Bajada for our late meal on the way back to our residence at about 9 o’clock already. We never knew if the south side of the city also experienced the same predicament.

I hate to say, but I will not be amazed anymore by the solutions that the government would come up on the traffic problem. We expect that this nightmarish traffic will forever be with us and of the coming generations.

No amount of phasing out of dilapidated PUJs and replacing them with buses or monorails can ease traffic. This is my own observation and let our traffic experts in the government contradict that. Nagsasayang lang kayo ng pera ng bayan.

But I am also human who gets affected by this mess. However, there is still a solution to this problem if IF (with big letters) the local officials will only reconsider reviving the recently-dumped reclamation project.

For one, traffic maybe eased a little even if it will not be totally solved because additional roads will be constructed that will serve as alternate routes.

Second, the drainage systems will be improved as under the proposed roads, giant culverts will be placed underneath to temporarily solve the perennial problem of city’s flooding;

The next issue that it could address is that commercial area will be included while residential site and recreational park will also be in the plan, again to temporarily solve unemployment and the housing problems.

And finally, the city will be beautified and will ultimately become a destination both of domestic and tourists

The alleged questionable contract can be solved. Anyway, natural lang may kalukuhan kung kuwarta na ang pinag-uusapan!


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