TIMESMAN| Why, oh why,Mayor Rody?

I FEEL SAD to hear that my presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte will shun from the series of debates to be conducted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and major media networks for reason that he is not yet officially acknowledged as a candidate.

“How can I go there when I’m not even a candidate,” he said. “How can they include me in the debates when they are not sure if I’m going to run for president at all?” he continued.

The mayor may be correct in not attending that face-to-face meeting with other presidentiables expected to be viewed by millions on television not only in this country but in the world, as well. Based on the reports, Vice President Jejomar Binay, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, Sen. Grace Poe, and Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, and OFW party-list Rep. Roy Seneres already acknowledged their attendance.

I am sad because in my years of knowing him, Mayor Rody never ran away from a good fight with other politicians and even criminals that crossed his path.

I am sad because if Poe and Binay are also facing disqualification charges like him before the poll body and the high tribunal, his case of substitution is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the other two presidentiables who are bombarded with an avalanche of proof and evidence their opponents presented to scrap their names out of the presidential race,

I am sad because if Defensor-Santiago is sure of her health condition, suffering from the dreaded cancer, why can’t Mayor Rody present himself to the world? According to ABS-CBN TV host Karen Davila when he was a guest on her program, “guapo pala kayo.”

I am sad because if Seneres who did not even show concern of the plight of our OFWs during his time when some of our overseas workers were being subjected from harassments by their employees and officials of our own embassies abroad, can say he’s available, why can’t Mayor Rody qualify himself to be in that TV debates?

The Comelec that will launch the first debate at Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City on Feb. 21 in coordination with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and GMA Network will have two more schedules of debates on March 30 and April 24 in Metro Manila.

The poll body is not a fool, contrary to what Mayor Rody’s fear that he would only look foolish if he attends the Comelec sponsored debate only to end up being disqualified later.

So my advice to Mayor Rody, although he already have good advisers on his side including former Timesmen-turned politicians Manny Pinol and Peter Lavina, is to be in that debate and not snub that opportunity to be known to electorates. His opponents will only be happy to know that this time Mayor Rody is running away from a good fight in his career as a politician.

Mayor Rody, ituloy mo na ang laban.Wala nang atrasan!


Another good editorial of the TIMES (Jan. 27 issue):

“IN MARCH last year, the flag-down rate of taxi cabs was reduced from P40 to P30…”

“In September last year LTFRB-XI spokesperson Edgar A.Violan said the regional office received several complaints since this policy was implemented on March 16. He reminded operators that there is a sanction if they fail to comply with the policy: a fine of P5,000 for the first offense; P10,000 fine and suspension of the unit for 30 days for the second offense; and for the third offense, the taxi operator will be penalized with a fee of P15,000 plus cancellation of franchise……”

The Timesman never asks for the P10 rebate nor ask for the 20 percent discount in fare for senior citizens whenever he rides a taxi because he does not want driver to give him a dagger-look once he insists on it.

But since the LTFRB already admitted that its regional office received several complaints since this policy was implemented, then what is the agency doing to stop this highway robbery of our abusive taxicab drivers?

Nothing except for promising commuters that they already doing their jobs and punish the culprits. What job?

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