TIMESMAN| Where did Marwan’s $6-M bounty go?

‘MARWAN is dead, says the FBI.’ These were the screaming headlines of the national dailies yesterday.

Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist Sulkifi bin Hir, alias “Marwan,” is dead. Marwan is considered the Southeast Asia Osama bin Laden, the terrorist from the Arab world who was likewise killed by elite SEALS of the United States in his hideout in Pakistan, a few years back.

In an operation secretly launched by members of the Special Action Force (SAF), the US-trained police commandos of the Philippine National Police killed Marwan dawn on Jan. 25 in Mamasapano, Maguindanao province.

But the operation cost the PNP 44 lives, 18 rebels and 4 civilians and countless others seriously injured on both sides during the firefight. The Mamasapano clash is now the subject of investigations of both government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) hierarchy, as well as civilian sector and the church.

While the tragic news is already the talk of the town since last week, many for sure would like to know where the bounty of Marwan who had a $6-million price on his head (about 264 million pesos) went.

Of course, if we follow the dictum of whoever finds it will receive the prize, say the government or the military and police establishments, in this case, I would suggest that the bounty be given directly to the 44 widows of the “Fallen 44” to at least alleviate their sufferings for the loss of their loved ones.

If the US government gives it to our government, alam na natin na marami parin buaya ngayon hindi lamang sa kongreso kung hindi hanggang Malacanang na.


Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina, the PNP officer in charge, admitted that the entire PNP is “in crisis” with morale in the ranks low in the aftermath of a botched anti-terror operation in Maguindanao province. And this was felt when the PNP-SAF kept silent as a response to President Aquino’s offer of talks with the grieving officers at their headquarters early on Sunday when P-Noy met them.

Last night, we also noticed on national television a lone basket of flowers being left out by the relatives of a slain SAF member attending the burial at the cemetery. It was learned that the flowers came from the President himself.

With both gestures shown by the officers in the headquarters and in the cemetery, we already knew the sentiments of the grieving family members.

No, I would not think that coup d’ etat is snowballing within the military ranks against the president or a civilian uprising is forthcoming. Hindi yan makakabuti sa ngayon.

P-Noy works hard for economic prosperity. We retain our standing with the outside world. We should be thankful for that. Huwag natin kalimutan ang nagawa ni P-Noy para sa sambayanan dahil lamang sa isang pangyayari na walang gustong mangyari.

He’s not corrupt although many in his people are corrupt as ever. The problem is, P-Noy is weak with his people around him who openly trying to destroy all the gains his administration has so far achieved.

No, I would not ask him to resign to pave way for the vice president to take over. I would rather choose a weak leadership than having a corrupt one. I would rather no president at all than to be led by a leader whose family is being accused of robbing the people.

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