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What will you do when you find yourself on board a vehicle with a 17-year-old driver behind the wheel and possessing only a student permit, following a convoy of two other vehicles on a speed of more than 80 kilometers per hour from Davao City to Davao Oriental dawn of May 12?

To a professional driver like Boss Willie, a champion car racer himself, that’s nothing. But for this writer who has been hitting the road for the last 50 years with only the speed limit of 40 to 50 kph, I silently prayed then that nothing serious will happen and we will reach our destination safe and sound.
And since I asked for it – for Jin Lorenz to experience a long distance drive and improve his driving skill – I allowed him to be on the driver’s seat despite the risk.
We reached Mati City in three hours on the well-paved highway from Davao City, Panabo, Carmen passing through Madaum, Maco, Mabini, Pantukan, Comval and all the way to Lupon, President Diosdado Macapagal and finally Davao Oriental without hassle while enjoying the beautiful greenery, small clustered islands and hills, some covered with early morning fog and the wide seas below from the elevated zigzag road where the convoy was passing.
At the time, the sun rising from not far away Caraga region began to appear and the clear blue sky added more to the magnificent view of the scenery surrounding us. Some DPWH personnel were doing road widening and concreting. Then we finally entered the poblacion of Mati.
Atty. Jun Maypa and wife Sara (herself a lawyer), and two sons JP and Enzo led our convoy onboard the family’s Sports Montero.
They were followed by Paul Tozer, a British national, his partner and three-year-old son Stork, on a Wigo AUV, while Jin Lorenz and I on our Toyota Innova.
We were invited by the Maypa family to their weekend vacation in Mati not knowing that Jun’s mother Tita Venus prepared a surprise sumptuous dinner for her son who celebrated his 48th birthday on May 8. Even Jun didn’t know of the preparation.
We just dropped by the popular Tita Venus Restaurant owned by the Maypas at the heart of the city for our baon while on the way to Pujada Island, a 10- to 15- minute travel by motorboat from the Daungan Port of Bo. Tamisan.
The island is owned by the wealthy Angliongto clan of Davao City. One of the sons is the late Joe Angliongto who used to be our manager and columnist in the TIMES and the elder brother of businessman Angie Angliongto.
The 164-hectare Pujada Island remains undeveloped and its main attraction is the raw beauty of its pristine white shores complimented by Talisay trees. The island is home to five families taking care of the property.
There is no available drinking water and electricity so one has to bring his own provisions. There is also no cottage for rent so those who would like to stay overnight can bring tents. But again, I was told that mosquitoes begin to appear as early as 4 in the afternoon.
Presently, Dr. Rolley Rey Lobo of Davao Doctors’ Hospital and good friend of Atty. Maypa, invited us to visit the place. He rented a portion of Pujada Island facing Balite Bay from the owner to develop it to a beach resort complete with amenities.
The doctor invested on a 6D-16 engine banca that can accommodate 60 passengers coming from the inland to the island at the cost of P200/person. There is no entrance fee to the place.
Dr. Lobo is also the owner of La-nes hotel where we stayed overnight, as well as some other business establishments in Mati.
Actually, my other purpose of that weekend trip was to go hand-line-fishing but to my dismay, there was not even a single bite for the span of three hours in the island.
I have to go marketing again in Bankerohan for fish as I usually do when there is no catch to appease the people in the house.
On the way home from Pujada Island, the group passed by the popular Dahican Beach known for its surfing activity for picture taking, then went back to our hotel.
My next column will be the “Dante’s Peak” at Barangay Macambo owned by a new found friend Dante Sapalo, a silent billionaire, former PBA player, and Boss Willie’s buddy in car racing.

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