TIMESMAN| Timesmen mark 70th year today!

TO REACH 70 is quiet impossible in the history of a community newspaper that underwent the horrors of war under the cruelty of the invading Japanese Imperial Army that devastated the country for more than four years of occupation.

But not the Mindanao Times. It remained in existence since its birth during the liberation in 1946  with its salvaged printing equipment, and despite a newsprint and ink crisis occasioned by the Korean War in the early 1950s. It continues its crusadel today to inform, educate, and enlighten the citizenry of what’s happening, with its banner: “Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Freedom.”

On its 70th year today, we salute ALL the Timesmen and other people who have worked in one way or another to make this paper continue its practice of excellent reporting of the news. They are all worthy of love and remembrance.

I am also happy and honored to have been associated with the great men and women in community journalism from the first generation of the editorial and business staff since 1960.

And to the present staff whom I am lucky to be a part also even after I celebrated my 56 years with the paper and diamond year (75) of my life last January 17, mabuhay kayo lahat for the support and understanding and together, we will continue to pursue the legacy of the visionary founder of the TIMES—Atty. Guillermo E. Torres Sr. and the rest of the first generation of the Timesmen.

At 6 o’clock p.m. today, the management and staff of the pioneering newspaper in the city will tender a cocktail (dinner) party at the Royal Mandaya Hotel to celebrate the TIMES’ 70th year anniversary with all the Timesmen from the first and second generations expected to attend and to renew old ties and unforgettable experiences—their rise and fall and rise again, and where they are now.

I am requesting my readers to offer short silent prayers for the departed Timesmen whose contribution to the city government and its people through print communication when they were still alive was beyond reproach.

The Timesman who maybe the only one that left of the original staff (Pare Jess came only in the latter part of 1960) is tasked to deliver the Testimony after the speech of leading presidential candidate Rodrigo R. Duterte who will be the keynote speaker.

He will be introduced by TIMES publisher Jesus G. Dureza while President/CEO Guillermo P. Torres Jr. will give the welcome address.

See you all tonight, Timesmen!


Our planned weeklong vacation trip to Vigan in Ilocos Norte, now voted in the Guiness book as “One of the Seven Wonders in the World,” will be indefinitely cancelled after our search in the internet showed that transportation schedules from Manila to Vigan will be our main problem if we will push through with our plan.

From Davao to Manila NAIA, we will take a connecting flight to Laoag, Ilocos Norte that will take us for an hour.

Then from Laoag, a two-hour trip by bus to reach Vigan. Return trip to Davao will be of the same schedule.

But it will be more than a nightmarish experience if one will ride a bus from Cubao to Vigan for a 14-hour trip with one or two stops that may last more than an hour. While riding on a non-stop-bus from Cubao to Vigan that will take for 7 hours, the trip will be scheduled by night which is against my prinsipyo not to travel by night especially if it is a long trip.

So, we cancelled our trip to Vigan and instead, I told Jin Lorenz we will go as scheduled but only in Manila.

Why should we take the risk of all these inconvenience when the main concern of the trip is to enjoy the summer vacation.

Para lang kaming dumampot ng bato at ipinukpok sa ulo.

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