Timesman: Through the eyes of the kids

No one will argue with me that kind words coming from a child are more believable than those from any adult, many of whom cannot be relied on.

What will be your reaction if a child tells you about his or affection to you even if the two of you had just met?

Of course you will be proud of yourself and let the whole world know that kind words of the innocents are more than anything else and have to be treasured and kept for the rest of your life!
My namesake son “Jeckjeck” (Loreto Jr.), a registered nurse in Vancouver, brought with him my Canadian-British grandchildren Tatianna, 11, and Ishiko, 8 when he came to visit us the first time after the death of his mother Virgie in 2014.

“Jeckjeck” spent his spare time playing in a band front-acting for local artists like Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, Aegis, Kamikaze, Jed Madela, Eraserheads and others every time they have concerts in Canada. My son has for a hobby being a lead guitarist in Canada.

He has his small business in Makati and Taguig while planning to expand it here in the city.

Now on the eighth day of their planned 15-day visit to this country (four days were already spent in Manila), here are some of my two grandaughters’ observations on what they saw and felt upon landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City and upon meeting their “Lolo” and “Tito” Jin Lorenz in our new house at Damosa Fairlane subdivision in Lanang where they are staying.

Tatianna, a cute fifth grader from Saint James Catholic School in Vancouver reports:

“Since my flight to the Philippines I have been learning so much about this country.

“For example, I learned that the ‘Sampaguita’ is the national flower (that adorned the garage of “Lolo”) and that “Durian” is the national fruit. I don’t like the smell of “Durian.”

“The people around me are almost always smiling and the weather is very hot but unlike my home in Canada, my Lolo’s house has an aircon in every room (four of them) besides the bathrooms.

“I really hope that I can come back next year during the summer!”

Tatianna and Isihiko have chosen me as the “Best Lolo Ever” and “tied with (late) Edgardo Amper (her Lolo on mother’s side) as they continued:

“Mr. Timesman even has the mug to prove it (with printed words ‘Best Dad Ever’). He got it during his trip (with Ate Tala, Nathan and Tito Jin Lorenz) to Pearl Farm Resort, He wrote the trip in July 18 in his column in the Mindanao Times.”

Ishiko, a shy-type 3rd grader also of the same school observes:
“My summer in the Philippines was so far is going great! I have ridden a tricycle (for the first time), taxis and Lolo’s car.

“We first landed in Manila where we met for the first time, Addie. She is my cousin and my age. Her sister Ate Freja, brother Kuya Chad, and mom, Tita Anne.

“My summer in the Philippines was so nice to us. In Manila, it’s always raining. But in Davao, the sun is always shining. Lolo and Tito Jin Lorenz picked us up from the airport.

“Lolo’s house is beautiful with new renovations he’s been doing. It now has two kitchens, bar (and videoke), a granite island (table), and a partition between the dining table and living room. Instead of cooking, Lolo takes us out for meals.

“In Jollibee, we got a discount of 20% off because Lolo’s a senior citizen. We even got served right away!”

Ishiko made noticed of the TIMES caricature of President Duterte of the August 10 issue wherein she made comment on the way the artist drew the face of the President. The Timesman decided not to print here Ishiko’s comment for it’s not worth reading, especially to the President.

“I think that Lolo is nice and funny. He’s honest, helpful, huggable, and sweet. I hope we can come back (in the Philippines) soon.

“I feel just the same about Lolo, he’s top. He is every bit of those words that Isiko said,” Tatianna said.

Happy Kadayawan to all!

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