TIMESMAN| Snowbear, Candy, Chocolate and Spotnik

WHEN we dismissed the services of our two kasambahays last January upon the death of my wife whom they served for more than seven years, my main reason then was that we no longer needed house help because we’re only two (Jin Lorenz) left. We can manage to take care of ourselves.

But we overlooked the other four that lived with us while Virgie was still around. They can’t stand on their own and still need our assistance to live.

But as days passed, taking care of them—feeding, bathing, and cleaning their surroundings, was getting tiresome as they robbed most of the things I should enjoy in life—sleep, eat, exercise, going to malls, relax, and writing columns.

So I decided to get assistance from a local government agency willing to “adopt” two of my four alaga. (Jin Lorenz is not among them as I value the boy’s presence in the family who I nurtured alone since he was two months old).

Early yesterday morning, men from the City Pound Office came and hauled the two of them—Snowbear and Candy, and left Chocolate and Spotnik behind.

Yes, Snowbear, Candy, Chocolate and Spotnik are all half-bred canine in the house.

I hope they continue to enjoy and live normal lives in their new surrounding as they were with us. Arf, arf.


As reported, a Sydney mother has abandoned her two children, aged five and seven, and fled to Syria for a new life under the Islamic State group.

It cited her ex-husband as saying she sent a text message telling him she was in Syria.

Ewan ko, there are Filipino families although living in hardship and boredom who stick together trying to escape the troubles they are living with and find ways to give their children a better life, just not to separate with them.

But Australian Jasmina Milovanov, a 26-year-old Muslim convert is different. She left her children with a babysitter earlier this month and never returned.

Said the ex-husband who was not named, “The only thing I can think about is my children. I can’t believe she left these two beautiful children. My son was saying in the days afterwards that he hoped ‘my mum is OK.’

“Before she (went) I talked to her (about her extreme Facebook posts). I said this is extreme, stupid. I was warning her about who she hangs out with,” the husband said.

We do not know what caused their separation, but as I see it, the husband is also to blame for what happened. It could be possible that the mother found a new lover not knowing that he was an IS and was able to influence her. Love really conquers all!


A Japanese national apprehended and quarantined at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Warden Facility since 1999 for violation of the conditions of his stay was deported on Wednesday after 16 years imprisonment here.

According to BI Commissioner Siegfred Mison, Junichi Inoue was finally sent back to Japan after several courts have cleared him of the charges filed against him.

The moral lesson of the story, do not come to the Philippines just to be caught for over staying.

The number of years you will serve in case of conviction might even be doubled while still waiting in jail for your case to be resolved.

With his deportation to Japan, Inoue’s suffering still continues. He was reportedly a fugitive of Japan for the crime of robbery, and his passport has been cancelled by his home country at the time of his arrest.

At least, he can’t blame our justice system for what happened to his case here. Luko-luko rin pala siya sa kanilang lugar. Anone!

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