TIMESMAN| Sleep like a baby

I AGAIN congratulate Mayor Inday Sara for her initiative to keep the city government employees in top shape by launching the weight loss program by December, for a national weight loss program.

She pledged during the Monday flag raising ceremony that City Hall employees will lose a total of 12,010 pounds, 10 pounds of which will be coming from her own weight.

This health initiative is very timely as Christmas season is fast approaching when everybody seems unable to control eating and drinking beginning the “ber” months.

I do not want to be called ‘killjoy’ especially in this month of merriment, but as the doctor says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Eat, drink, but don’t overdo it because anything that is too much for the body is also dangerous.

Honestly speaking, at my age (I am older than President Duterte) I still drink (two to three bottles of San Mig every night), eat lechon, egg, kinilaw, chicken, shrimps, or alimango, all sources of high cholesterol that is bad for your heart and uric acid that also contributes to hypertension.

But nothing is bad if you take them moderately, one at a time. Stop when you are not feeling well, and take your medication.

Sometimes do not listen to your doctor. Aray!

My exercise regimen are brisk-walking every morning for 20 to 30 minutes, attending to Jin Lorenz’s needs every school days, driving, doing house chores, and spend the rest of the day reading newspapers, viewing TV, napping, and sitting in front of the computer, and finally at the end of the day, window-shopping at malls. Then I go back to the house and sleep like a baby.

That is where my life now revolves every day. Masaya and I have no regrets.

And since private and government employees work Monday to Friday or Saturday, some of them may have no time to give themselves the well-deserved break, even to their children. Mayor Inday Sara’s weight loss program “… is worth a pound of cure,” and joy too.


Following the announcement of Mayor Sara on the weight loss program for City Hall employees, the city government also launched Kusina ng Bayan, as it introduced two mobile kitchens to address the need for hot and nutritious meals during the first hours of disasters in evacuation centers in the city.

Yes, the mobile kitchen will only serve victims of the calamities and will not include people in a normal condition who sometime take advantage of this noble project for the poor even if they don’t belong to the poor sector.

I recall a time when City Hall also served free lugaw at Rizal Park for indigents and beggars.

I was shocked to see government employees, some even in barong Tagalog, also among those in falling in line with the poor recipients.

I asked myself then, nakabili ng barong Tagalog, at naka pasok sa SPA, pero ni pangbili ng lugaw wala?

Anyway, congratulations again, Mayor Inday Sara for this laudable project for the calamity victims!


Despite my repeated suggestion through this corner to our honorables in the city council that instead of spending P3 million for the construction of crematorium for dead animals, why not spend the money for crematorium for the human beings that need it more, especially the poor ones.

The city council ignored my suggestion and the crematorium for animals is now on its final stage of approval by our honorables.

Sorry na lang if the dogs seem much precious than the people nowadays. In fact, look at some beauty parlors. While the dog lover is having a haircut, his pet dog is also having his grooming. P500 ang bayad ng para sa aso, P200 lang ang sa amo. Hay, buhay!


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