Timesman: ‘Sir, you saved the life of an angel!’

In the brief history of my life published in the TIMES’lifestyle section during my diamond year (75) celebration more than two years ago, I wrote:
“Loreto’s life story may not be one that is award-winning but his life has become a model to his family and for the lives he has touched.”

Almost three years had passed and I didn’t expect that until today I continued to be of help and a part of others’ lives despite the passing of time in a new environment where I am now spending my twilight years.

My routine early morning drive for Jin Lorenz to Ateneo from Monday to Friday was a bit different on that Thursday morning last week. It’s quite a shocking experience yet surprising. I didn’t expect it to happen that even in the words of a security guard in our subdivision that witnessed the incident: “Sir, you saved the life of an angel!”

Let me narrate how it happened.

While waiting in the car for Jin Lorenz in front of our gate, I noticed from the rear left mirror a young pregnant woman approaching few meters away while holding on to her belly, and in pain as shown in her face.

When she reached my car, she stopped and begged me to bring her to the hospital. “Sir, manganganak na po ako!”

Without much ado, I told her to get in the car and started the engine expecting for the worse to happen if I will ignore her plea.

When we passed the guardhouse which is just a few meters away from my house, I instructed the guard to inform Jin Lorenz to wait for me while I bring the pregnant woman to the SPMC.

On the way to the hospital, the woman who was lying at the backseat in panic, told me: “Sir, sir, lalabas na po ang bata!”

Knowing how to deal on the situation, being a former member of the Knighthawk, a rescue team founded by businessman Jason Huang with the Shanghai Boys which assists the government in emergency cases, I told the girl to calm down and with a smile I said:

“Inday, relaks lang, huwag mag panic. Tawa ka lang sa mga sasabihin ko sa iyo. Hold muna, huwag palabasin na para kang nasa CR lang.” Hehe.

While rushing her to the SPMC, I learned that her name is Rachell. She didn’t know where her husband then as well as their three other children.

Rachell arrived in the city a night before and stayed with her Lumad mother in our subdivision where the latter is a kasambahay to a fellow homeowner, Alma Suazo, an executive of Anflocor who unfortunately was not in the house at the time.

When we reached the emergency entrance of SPMC after almost 10-minute drive from our place in Mamay, she was immediately assisted by hospital personnel. At that time, dark fluid was already seen oozing across her feet.

She took a last glance of me while already on the stretcher. And even in pain and in a low voice, she said in front of many people around: “Sir, sir, salamat kaayo!”

A hospital attendant asked me: “Sir, kaano-ano n’yo ang pasyente?”

“Hindi ko siya kilala, tinulungan ko lang,” I answered.

I left the scene when I already convinced myself that mother and child were already safe.

And I drove back home to Mamay to fetch my son. Along the way, I told myself: “Loreto, nakatulong ka na naman sa ibang tao despite of your age.”

At the gate entrance, the guard informed me that the mother of Rachell is now on the way to the hospital. Then, he executed a salute and said: “Sir, you just saved a life of an angel!”

Jin Lorenz was already waiting outside of the house when I arrived wondering where I came from – not knowing that his dad had just again done a humanitarian act to his fellowmen.

An hour later, I received this text messages from Rachell, saying:

“Hi sir..ako diay tung gitabangan nimu ganeha, tung nanganak. Salaaaaaamat kayo sir ha? Salamat gyud kaayo.”

It’s a bouncing baby boy, Rachell said and she named him “Innova” because that was the first time she rode a car with an stranger on the way to the hospital.

In the evening, Rachell’s mother, Elizabeth went personally in the house to thank me.

In the past, I always asked Him: “Lord, why do you let me live all these years when all my parents and siblings, including my wife, have already gone. Pagod na ako. I got no answer from Him.

Now, I know the answer. He may be let me stay for a few more years on this earth because there might be more like poor Rachelll and the “angel” that will still seek my help!

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