TIMESMAN| Shooting 3 birds with single shot

THE COST of dying nowadays is already a fortune to ordinary family earning a minimum wage, a nightmarish experience to unemployed who could not even eat three meals a day.Luckily for me, I have my memorial plan bought on installment basis as early as 1975 that helps me cope with the sudden death of my wife, Virgie on Nov. 09. Only the feelings of shock and loneliness were felt by the entire family due to the demise of the Ilaw ng Tahanan. Not much on financial that people with liminted income usually encounter.

Although the cost of a coffin the year I started paying my Loyola Life Plan was just P5,000, I decided to set aside another P70,000 more to give Virgie a decent casket and burial. Cost of a coffin alone now runs from P38, 000 to P1 million.

If you do not have this fortune nowadays, better not die yet, or settle for a cremation which is also very expensive but much lesser in cost than keeping your dead body intact for viewing by your family and friends.

The 40th day prayer for Virgie will be at the Davao Memorial Park on Dec.18 at 3 o’clock p.m. A simple buffet will be served in the park right after the prayer and I’m inviting friends and former colleagues of my wife in the city council who may have time to spare to attend this last meeting with our loved one.


I am sad that I was not able to attend the 75th birthday anniversary (a diamond year) of former colleague in the media, broadcaster Roland Raval at the Top of the Apo View Hotel on Nov. 13.

Although I already confirmed my 100 percent attendance beforehand to UMBN-AM manager Roy Geonzon and an emissary of Roland’s children from Australia who visited me at the TIMES office, tragedy struck my family due to the death of my wife Virgie three days before the D day.

Thanks to our broadcaster friend Jimmy Torres, also a contemporary of Roland, who saved the night for me to explain for being missing that night. The celebration was very successful, according to Jimmy, where Roland’s children Becky and Ruth now based in Australia, and son Boyet and brother John Ryan Largo personally entertained the guests.

Huli man daw at magaling naihahabol pa rin. Belated happy birthday na lang, kaibigan.


The advance and first Christmas party of Damosa Fairlane Homeowners Association will be at 6:30 tonight to be held at the clubhouse of the plushy subdivision.

As a new member of the association, I am invited and my family to the occasion. Thanks and advance Merry Christmas to all!


The Pasko Fiesta of the city government will be pushed through despite budget cut and will start on Monday, Dec. 8, instead of Dec. 5 as originally planned as Mayor Rody will not be around as he is on official business on that day. This is one good part of the news.

The bad news is, the proposed P9.6 million budget for the Pasko Fiesta 2014 may decrease as Mayor Rody is mulling to use a portion of the money in the city’s preparation against the Ebola virus that threaten the health of the world population, according to Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre, chair for the committee on tourism and spokesperson of the fiesta.

“It will probably decrease, if it is P9.6 million, it will probably be around P9.1 million,” Alejandre said in an interview with TIMES’ Salud Isabel Petalcorin.

If I had my hand in the preparation of the Pasko Fiesta, I would rather suggest not to push through with the celebration this year and instead divide the budget among lowly paid employees of the city and for the Ebola virus fund. Recipients will be more happy receiving cash rather than a celebration as everybody will surely celebrate in the comfort of their homes, while our preparation for the threat of Ebola will have more money to spend in fighting the deadly virus.

Abolishing the event will mean shooting three birds with one slingshot as the P9.6 million appropriated fund will already bring smiles and happiness to low income city employees, prepare us for the Ebola threat, and increase police visibility to maintain peace and order during the advent of the most celebrated event of the year.

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