TIMESMAN| Same problem with DCWD?

LET the local government admit that the current cause of congestion in our city streets is not only attributed to the number of vehicles, abusive motorists and less space for road widening. Road diggings left and right may also be the main factor.

The warning of the Davao City Water District (DCWD) Board to all its contractors with ongoing pipe laying projects not to make the rain as excuse for construction delay is a wakeup call to all involved in the road diggings. Both the DCWD and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) have simultaneous massive drainage and water pipe laying projects all over the city.

Board chair Eduardo Bangayan ordered concerned contractors to do their jobs without making alibis or, “…we will be forced to impose sanctions against them,” he added.

Thank you for that, sir. But why did it take the water district this long to take action on the cause of gridlocks on major highways and secondary roads? We observed the problem has been there since the time of the late Engr. Iluminado Quinto as head of the DCWD.

The city council, on July this year, passed a resolution asking the DCWD and the DPWH to explain the projects that caused all these traffic nightmares to motorists and pedestrians as well.

It took the DCWD this long.

I also have an ongoing construction and I observe the delay on the part of the contractor to meet his deadline is because of the erratic work of his people on site.

I learned that the contractor has also other projects simultaneous with his project with me. I suspect that the delay is because the contractor pulled out his men so often from my project to work on other projects. He is doing this maybe because he lacks the labor force or has problem in funding although I already paid him 50 percent of our agreed construction cost.

Take a look at this, Mr. Bangayan. We may have the same problem with contractors. At hindi lamang ang ulan ang dahilan kaya nagkakaluko-luko ang ating lansangan.


I am supposed to fly to Manila today to attend the burial of my elder brother Paquito who died of heart attack last Sunday. But due to bad weather caused by Supertyphoon Lawin that continue to batter many areas in Luzon and also upon the advice of my children just to stay at home and pray for the eternal repose of my brother’s soul, I’ve decided to stay put and cancelled my flight.

Anyway, this is not the first time that I didn’t attend the burial of a loved one in Manila.

When my mother died a few years back, I was also not at her wake and even in her burial for reasons different from the situation now.

My 83-year-old mother died after a 15-day coma in a private hospital in Manila. She only remained alive because of a life support and fed with liquid food passing through a plastic tube inserted to her throat.

Due to her hapless condition, we the siblings decided to end her suffering and agreed to cut off the oxygen support that kept her alive.

I had a major role in ending the life of our mother then as I was the one tasked by the family members to decide whether to let her go or remain in coma. I’ve made a decision that only a few may ever dare to do – l recommended her death and to forever rest in peace.

This is the reason why I didn’t sign the hospital waiver as part of our condition. I was not at her wake and did not attend her burial. I told the rest of the family that I wanted to be consistent of what I’ve said that for me, my mother is not dead.

As I mentioned in my last column, I was in my mother’s plot last January at the Angelus Memorial Park in Bacoor, Cavite City and asked for her forgiveness. I finally accepted the fact that she’s gone.

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