TIMESMAN| Retire, Manny!

IF I WERE Manny Pacquiao I will listen to the people who wanted him to retire from boxing and concentrate in politics while sleeping on his billion savings.

He should not listen to his promoter Bob Arum who asks for a rematch of Australian champion Jeff Horn who snatched the WBO welterweight title from the 11-division Filipino champion in their “Battle of Brisbane” last July 2.

Arum’s intention for a rematch is suspicious as we believe that it is not done for the title and prestige but for money!

Manny’s trainer Freddie Roach has asked him to retire. Wife Jinkee wants her husband to retire too, as well as many of his Filipino fans who saw in his last fight that he is no longer the Manny Pacquiao of 20 years ago. While he has the will to fight, he can’t deny he’s getting old.

And yesterday’s report of an independent review of the scoring in Manny Pacquiao’s contentious WBO welterweight world title loss to Jeff Horn confirmed the outcome in favor of the Australian former schoolteacher. This should now be accepted by Manny and Arum so as to put the issue to rest.

The problem with us Filipinos, hindi tayo marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo! Masyado tayong reklamador.

As I said, Manny should retire now and enjoy his wealth and popularity. He should not wait for the time, in the words of Sen.Ping Lacson: “It is best to leave the stage while the audience is applauding.”


Detained businesswoman Janet Napoles, suspected mastermind in the P10 billion pork barrel scams, has asked the Supreme Court for the nth time to allow her to post bail while her case of plunder is being heard in the Sandiganbayan.

Napoles is seeking the high court permission to grant her temporary liberty. She said the witnesses testimonies “failed to prove the alleged conspiracy” between her, former Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and his former chief-of-staff, lawyer Jessica Lucila Reyes.

Giving her what she asked for from the court if she proved herself correct may have the advantage and disadvantage on both the petitioner and the government.

For Napoles, it means she will be released from her solitary confinement and join her family.

For the government, it will lessen the burden of watching and feeding the detainee and save on expenses.

But at the end of the day, Napoles might be more benefitted while the government will be a big loser. Why?

What if Napoles, now languishing in jail for almost two years, is suddenly freed on bail and escapes for abroad with her loot? What can the government do?

And it could be possible! With her money, she can fly with no one among our authorities watching her dare stopping her as they are looking the other way around.

Now it’s up to the court to decide and take the risk of granting her bail.


The 60-day deadline of the declaration of martial law in Mindanao by President Duterte on May 23 will expire on July 22. Either it will be extended for another 60 days or five years as proposed by House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez when the President term of office ends. Our lawmakers seem not to take a hard look on the seriousness of the situation as they are on recess until the 24th of July.

Since this is a matter of importance to the people and security of the state, why can’t the members of lawmaking body cut their vacation (recess) and return to congress to tackle the issue?

But my suggestion seems only next to impossible. Baka karamihan sa kanila ay nag-e-enjoy pa sa Australia na kasama sa sinasabing 300-man entourage of the kamao!


May your weekend be happy and safe! To the motorists, please avoid texting while driving to avoid apprehension and pay penalty.

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