TIMESMAN | Psychiatric test, anyone?

AN official of the City Social Services Development Office (CSSDO) revealed that some unscrupulous individuals took advantage of relief goods intended for flood victims of Typhoon Vinta by pretending to be victims, although they were not actually affected by the calamity.

In times like this we only expect vultures to take advantage of the situation. And since it is hard to stop these crooks from taking advantage of this good intention of the city government to help flood victims, I enjoin CSSDO personnel to be more vigilant in screening people asking for help. Go to the affected areas and conduct inspection of the actual victims with the help of the barangay officials who for sure are familiar with their constituents in the community before rendering assistance.

Complaining after the distribution of relief goods to unintended beneficiaries is like crying over spilled milk. But this may be avoided if the people in the agencies are only resourceful and alert.


According to Norman Baloro, Buhangin District coordinator of the CSSDO, only one member for every family–victim will get food and financial assistance. But upon evaluation of his office, some 80,000 requests were received by him although the actual victims were only about 40,000. Baka pati alagang aso at pusa kasama sa listahan!

Baloro admitted the lack of manpower in his office that hampered their operations despite helps from volunteer group.

This is not the first time that this corner heard this reason for the failure to check the number of actual recipients because other agencies in the government are also saying that whenever they fail to do their jobs.

Anyway, we still express our gratitude to the CSSDO and other agencies and volunteers for their noble task of helping those who are in need in times of calamities. May their tribes increase.


So our congressmen want to invite the psychiatrist that conducted psychiatric test on Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno who gave her a four out of five grade which according to Atty. Larry Gadon, principal impeachment complainant against Sereno, is a failing grade.

But the camp of the Chief Justice slammed the congressmen’s invitation to the psychiatrist by saying that the House of Representatives resort to publicity stunt and vicious vilification campaign to impeach Sereno.

Short of saying that some of our congressmen also need to undergo psycho test. Conporme ako.


I only suspect that the on-going investigations of our honorables in the House of Representatives to impeach Chief Justice Sereno are more of political grandstanding rather than in aid of legislation.

According to the camp of the Chief Justice, “The impeachment proceedings will be nothing but a charade and the House committee on justice will be just be resorting to a vilification campaign and fishing expedition to cover up for a totally defective complaint against the Chief Justice.” Amen to that.


Self-exiled Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP) founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison has agreed to the offer of President Duterte for a one-on-one meeting, but said the meeting should be “in a country that is a neighbor of the Philippines.”

Sison’s request to face-to-face with Duterte outside of the country only shows that the CPP chairman is afraid of his own shadow and does not trust the Filipinos for his safety.

Is this how important Sison for the government to agree to his demand to meet President Duterte in another country when the decades’ insurgency is happening here?

No way. “Sorry to burst his bubble, he’s not that important,” presidential spokesman Harry Roque said. Dah!


This is a warning to fellow “mahilig” who cannot be satisfied with only one partner.

A 51-year-old Filipino-Chinese died after having a massage and sex with two masseuses at a hotel in Manila last Sunday.

Police Officer 3 Ryan Balagtas, homicide investigator, identified the “mahilig” as one Thomas Ong who was declared dead on arrival at the Ospital ng Maynila after the victim suffered a heart attacked while he was being massaged by two women, aged 24 and 26, respectively.

No comment na ako.

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